Flashbreak secures $2M in funding for cash prizes in daily live championship game competitions

Flashbreak secures $2M in funding for cash prizes in daily live championship game competitions

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Flashbreak, mobile quiz game startup has recently raised $2 million in funding for live mobile game competitions led by French venture capital firm Alven and Kima Venture.

With this funding, the Paris-based startup will be rewarding the gamers with real money during game competitions. According to Venture beats, the app is a mix of in-house games combined with a publishing platform for outside vendors to expose their own offerings to Flashbreak gamers.

At a specified time, users need to gather on Flashbreak app’s live show. The show times are at 2 p.m. Pacific time, 2:15 p.m, 2:30 p.m, and 2:45 p.m. Initially, the host will introduce the game and then starts three rounds of competition of 90 seconds each.

The host will be giving live commentary during the game. Moreover, the top 200 players split the prize money. The Flashbreak app is available on iOS and Android. It’s worth mentioning that each show offers different games and lasts for 10 minutes.

Notably, new gamers are featured every week and to increase their chance of winning, gamers are told to practice in between the live competitions by downloading the full version of the featured game.

Talking about its revenue model, the company is paid by the developers of specific game on the Cost Per Install (CPI) basis.

“Flashbreak is a new way to showcase my games, engage with users and generate qualified downloads,” said Philipp Stollenmayer, a game developer with 20 million downloads. Founded in 2018 by Romain Salzman, David Jilli, the startup now employs around eight people.

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