Here are 10 hottest Barcelona fintech startups to work for in 2019

Here are 10 hottest Barcelona fintech startups to work for in 2019

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Barcelona is a city that has bustling restaurants, beautiful buildings and art galleries. Apart from the beautiful landscape, it offers a diverse startup ecosystem. For startups, Barcelona offers a lively networking scene.

It is this city in Spain where the pivotal Mobile World Congress (MWC) is hosted every year. Besides MWC, the city is home to the startup event 4YFN (4 Years From Now). These events attract hundreds of thousands of professionals from across the world.

If you are looking for a job in Spain, then you can try out Barcelona as there are some hottest startups in the city. Here, we have sourced a list of fintech startups in Barcelona from Dealroom.


Founders: Alex Lopera, Borja Rossell, Dario Nieuwenhuis
Funding: €27.7 million

Verse is a venture-funded startup launched in 2015. It is a global payments technology platform that lets people send money and bring about an evolution in the way people make payments. The mobile app allows users to share payments instantly and easily sans any hidden fees. The app lets users choose if the transactions should be private or public.


Founders: Vicente Arias
Funding: €4.3 million

Coverfy established in 2016 is an insurtech startup, which lets users manage insurance coverage and costs from a mobile device. The app offers lets users get the most out of the insurance policies. It offers improvement and optimisation services without any hidden fees. Also, they can research and get the best deal. The app also lets users perform transactions in a few steps.


Founders: David Bäckström, David Vrensk, Iván Parraga

SeQura offers e-commerce retailers with a solution to minimise consumer thresholds, raise average basket sizes and improve conversation rates while securing payments. Founded in 2013, this startup offers e-retailers easy access to invoice sans any excessive risk or extensive financial administration via a simple API.


Founders: Antonio Rami, John Carbajal, Philippe Gelis
Funding: €22.7 million

Founded in 2011, Kantox is a leading fintech company that is involved in building software solutions that help businesses overcome complex FX challenges and leverage currencies. The expertise and solutions offered by the startup let businesses capture FX exposure data and process international payments easily.


Founders: Daniel Solís
Funding: €6.5 million

Blueliv is a leading cyber threat intelligence provider that operates since 2009. The company scours open, deep and dark web to deliver automated, fresh and actionable threat intelligence to organisations. It helps them protect their network from the risk that prevails outside. With this startup, organisations can save both time and resources.

Trea Asset Management

Founders: Carlos Tusquets

Trea Asset Management was founded in 2006. It is a specialist in traditional and alternative asset management. It has offices in both Barcelona and Madrid. The company seeks to offer better return on investments, innovative products and better service. It has a team of specialists with expertise in designing and structuring customised solutions for both institutional and professional investors.

ID Finance

Founders: Alexander Dunaev, Boris Batine
Funding: €45.5 million

Founded in 2012, ID Finance is a fast-growing fintech service provider that specialises in online lending in emerging markets. It’s proprietary scoring engine analyses massive amounts of data including identifies anomalies and behavioural biometrics and increases the efficiency of risk assessment by almost 50%. ID Finance operates via offices in Spain, Georgia, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Brazil and Mexico.


Founders: Dan Moser, Joaquim Segura, Joel Vicient, Lluís Claramonte
Funding: €4 million

Captio is a travel and expense management solution provider operating since 2012. It enables companies and their employees to gain improved control of their expenses. It also helps them discover new opportunities to save. Captio integrates its expense management process into a single, paperless workflow to eliminate manual tasks that prevent fraud.


Founders: Bernat Ripoll, Javi Fondevila
Funding: €7.8 million

Holded is a BOS (Business Operating System) founded in 2016 for SMEs to seamlessly manage all aspects of their organisation via a single platform. It has developed a cloud-based suite of apps, which is customisable and user-friendly. It uses artificial intelligence to automate administrative tasks and makes of data to benchmark performance. The firm also provides managers with actionable insights into their operations.


Founders: Albert Bellonch, Roger Dobaño
Funding: €7.8 million

Founded in 2013, Quipu is a financial and invoicing management cloud-based software. It has been developed for startups and designed to save time for companies. The startup is meant for freelancers and small enterprises that spend little time in administrative tasks. Quipu offers tools that let them classify information so that the same is available in real-time for faster and better decision making.

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