Here’s how Belgium-based icometrix plans to transform patient care with Artificial Intelligence

Here’s how Belgium-based icometrix plans to transform patient care with Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence has transformed almost all businesses and medtech is no stranger. Belgium-based icometrix is one such startup that uses AI to bring disruption in the field of patient care.

icometrix founded in 2011 in Leuven, Belgium by Dirk Loeckx and Wim Hecke is a world leader in software solutions involved in obtaining clinical meaningful data from CT and MRI scans to help patients with multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s Disease and more.

Secures €16.1 million funding

In a recent development, the Belgium-based medtech startup secured $18 million (nearly €16.1 million) funding. This investment has come from Forestay Capital, Optum Ventures and the existing investor Capricorn Venture Partners.

Fully automated and FDA-approved software!

The Belgium-based startup has developed a fully automated, CE-marked and FDA-approved icobrain software. This software has already been approved in Europe, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Japan. The icobrain software is used in more than 100 hospitals and imaging centre networks across the world. Also, icometrix works with the largest health tech and pharmaceutical companies.

Effective understanding of medical images

The company touts that icobrain enables a faster and better understanding of medical images in a more personalised and consistent fashion by quantifying the volume of abnormalities and brain structures. Brain scans play a major role in the diagnosis and monitoring of numerous disorders. And, with tools like icobrain, CT and MRI brain scan images can be evaluated in an efficient manner.

Immense potential to improve diagnostics

The technology used by icometrix transforms that way brain disorders are diagnosed, monitored and treated. Also, it has an immense potential to improve neurological diagnostics making the complex process more effective and quicker for patients.

icobrain portfolio

The icobrain portfolio comprises three tailored solutions for individual patients. The icobrain ms is for applications such as multiple sclerosis. While icobrain dm is for applications such as dementia, icobrain tbi is for applications like a traumatic brain injury.

“One in three people will suffer from a brain disorder, often due to a chronic disease, leading to an immense burden for patients, friends, families, caregivers and society. Brain scans play a central role in patient diagnosis and monitoring, creating a huge need for objective and patient-specific evaluation of MRI and CT brain scan images with tools like icobrain,” explained Wim Van Hecke, CEO of icometrix.

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