Here’s how this hyperambitious e-scooter startup wants to conquer Europe

Here’s how this hyperambitious e-scooter startup wants to conquer Europe

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As the demand for alternate energy is growing by the day, the number of e-scooters is increasing. The concept of electric scooters has evolved over time resulting in a compact vehicle with an attached battery pack. These electric scooters are secure, dependable and inexpensive and offer a dependable transportation solution.

VOI Technology based in Stockholm is the fastest growing micro-mobility startup in Europe. The company has announced its ambitious roll-out programme across Europe targeting 150 cities and towns. It has also unveiled a new range of improved e-scooters and e-bikes.

As of now, the VOI e-scooters are available in 18 cities across nine countries in Europe. This summer, the company will expand into Belgium, Germany, Italy and Poland. Interestingly, this startup maintains a consistent rate of growth achieving two million rides in eight months.

Initial focus on Germany

VOI was founded in 2018 by Douglas Stark, Filip Lindvall, and Fredrik Hjelm in Stockholm. Now, the company will focus initially on Germany, where it will launch its services as soon as next month. In the country, it will see a rapid roll-out in key cities and notable landmark partnership agreements have also been struck. This will provide a template, which VOI can use to scale up its expansion across Europe.

Talking about partnerships, in Lubeck, VOI will provide discount travel to commuters who have tickets for public transport and will receive green electricity to charge its fleet as a return.

The German government is geared up to let e-scooters use roads this month. This will bring the country’s transport legislation on par with that of the other European states. There is hope that Germany will become one of the world’s biggest e-scooter markets in no time.

European expansion plans of VOI

VOI’s debut in Germany follows the roll-out of its services in Denmark, Austria and Spain in Q1 2019. The e-scooter startup operates in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Moviepark, Linz, Lund, Stockholm, Oslo, Paris, Helsinki, Lyon, Marseille, Madrid, Malaga, Faro, Malmö, Uppsala and Göteborg.

This summer, it is likely to go live in numerous other cities including Brussels, Vienna, Zurich, Milan and Warsaw. In all the new locations, VOI Technology prioritises both partnership and collaboration and works closely with local authorities in these cities to help reduce pollution.

VOI e-scooters receive major upgrade

Besides planning its expansion into the European continent, VOI has updated its fleet with new products including Voiager 2. It is a state-of-the-art e-scooter, which is designed to provide maximum efficiency, speed and comfort. The Voiager 1 is a special rugged version created to comply with German vehicle regulations. Both these e-scooters will be introduced to users in Belgium, Germany, Finland, France and Spain.

Safer and long-lasting e-scooters

The new e-scooters and VOI’s first ever e-bike were created as a part of its mission to become a one-stop solution for cities seeking low-carbon transport solutions. These new e-scooters have been designed and engineered in its home market Stockholm with the use of insights and data gathered from the company. This data is exclusive to VOI and has been tested rigorously to ensure mobility, safety and quality of life touted by the company.

Also, these e-scooter designs are long-lasting and secure than previous models. The VOI e-scooters can travel up to 50 km on a single charge, which is almost twice the battery life as the previous models. Besides these, the e-scooters feature an interchangeable battery as well.

VOI’s electric cargo bike

Besides the new electric vehicles, VOI Cargo has also been introduced. This is a three-wheel electric cargo bike, which is the first time in the industry. The electric vehicles provide VOI the ability to provide city authorities with a complete micro-mobility solution, which can be easily integrated with pedestrians and public transport in urban areas.

Fredrik Hjelm, co-founder and CEO of VOI said: “We listened to what our riders had to say about travelling by e-scooter and designed these new models from the ground up. Needs in cities are different depending on weather, geography and available infrastructure and we have made our fleet more durable and safer, in a way that can be adapted to fulfil the needs of each city.”

Voiager 2: This electric scooter offers maximum durability and future recycling. It is cast in a single piece of 5mm high-grade aluminum. The scooter has a great driving performance with large 10-inch wheels and custom electric powertrain. The kickstand withstands it from falling when parked and there is a three-wheel version for unmatched stability and safety ideal for slippery terrains.

The Voiager 2 display features Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS) functions including notifications, alerts and navigation support. It has an Internet of Things (IoT) Telematics unit, which is fully integrated into the body of the scooter offering fast and secure connectivity. It is the first scooter based on the VOI modular scooter architecture with a design facilitating easy service, repair and upgrades. With a swappable battery, there is reduced downtime, environmental impact and cost of charging scooters.

Voiager 1: This e-scooter from VOI is an extremely rugged offering with a great range. It features brakes and indicator lights and adheres to the new strict German regulations and EU standards as well.

VOI Bike: VOI Bike is an e-bike adapted for sharing. Adhering to the European e-bike regulations, it can travel at 25km/h making it suitable for longer and faster rides than e-scooters. Like Voiager 2, this one also has swappable batteries.

VOI Cargo: VOI Cargo is targeted at riders who have to carry bulky loads, be it groceries or children. It has a large box at the front featuring three-point seatbelts making it ideal for shopping trips, school runs, day trips or other family adventures. It can be used as a part of VOI’s scooter charging operations offering an environmental-friendly way for VOI hunters to maintain the fleet.

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