London-based medtech startup Medbelle has built the world’s first digital hospital

London-based medtech startup Medbelle has built the world’s first digital hospital

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Medbelle, a London-based medtech startup is an end-to-end platform for medical procedures. The startup built the first digital hospital in the world that supports patients in every stage starting from signup to aftercare.

Founded in 2016 by Daniel Kolb and Leander de Laporte, Medbelle’s platform and app provide comprehensive information about treatments, appointments, medical details, prices, financing options and consultations. The service is already used by over 30,000 Britons and is expected to attract 144,000 more users by 2020.

Medbelle raises €6M Series A funding

The UK medtech startup has raised $7 million (nearly €6 million) Series A funding to accelerate the digitisation of patients. This Series A funding round was led by signals Venture Capital along with participation from Talis Capital, IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Mutschler Ventures and Cavalry Ventures.

This investment will let the London startup undertake the next phase of the rollout. The private healthcare sector in the UK is forecasted to hit $13.8 billion (nearly €12.2 million) by 2023. Eventually, it is a market opportunity that attracts investors.

“The new capital will accelerate the development of our platform while growing Medbelle’s operating footprint,” said Daniel Kolb, co-founder and MD of Medbelle. “It will allow us to streamline high-quality care at scale and take even more work off the hospitals’ and specialists’ shoulders. Our technology helps them to operate more efficiently, be better-utilised and fully focused on what matters most: the best care for patients.”

Three-layered digital hospital model

Medbelle’s three-layered digital hospital model enables patients to book their procedure, connect with leading specialists and contemporary operating facilities. These three layers are Medbelle Platform, Medbelle Care and Medbelle Operating System. With this business model, it is the highest-rated medical provider in the UK with an outstanding NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 93.

This digital hospital model lets healthcare professionals access an integrated suite of management tools covering the entire treatment journey from consultation, billing to post-operative cost. This way, the medtech startup is designed to save patients’ time, money and stress and let them benefit from the best treatments and facilities.

How Medbelle operates?

Medbelle Care Adviser is a single, simple web portal and app that helps patients throughout the treatment process once they are registered. The Medbelle Operating System ensures healthcare providers make the most of their resources and time. It lets hospitals, specialists and staff work more productively and liberates them from unnecessary and ineffective administrative tasks.

Initially, Medbelle was focused on privately-paid procedures in sectors such as ophthalmology, bariatrics and cosmetics and is expanding into orthopaedics and fertility now. In the future, Medbelle will work with public insurance and private medical providers and the NHS to leverage technology to help patients with various medical procedures.

Leander de Laporte, co-founder and MD at Medbelle, said: “The ‘digital hospital’ creates real value for patients and healthcare providers alike and, therefore, can offer care from the best specialists in the country with a truly digital and personal experience. It’s great to have new partners on board who bring such vast experience to the table. We all agree that an integrated model enables much faster deployment of technology to improve patient experience and reduce costs.”

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