Manual, London-based men’s health platform scores €5.6M funding from major VCs

Manual, London-based men’s health platform scores €5.6M funding from major VCs

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Manual, a London-based startup aims to improve the daily lives of men by encouraging men to take control of their happiness and health and talk openly. It operates with the vision to improve the lives of men by giving them knowledge and solutions for their wellbeing.

Now, the startup has raised €5.6 million in a seed round funding from leading venture capitalists Germany-based Cherry Ventures, US-based Cassius Capital and UK-based Felix Capital. The company states that it will use the funding to set up its new holistic wellbeing platform for men. This funding will be invested in the growth and development of the platform, to split between the headquarters in London, scale the team, create a new technical team in Athens and to expand within Europe.

New website launch

The new website was launched today and it aims to arm men with the necessary knowledge and tools that are needed to solve their wellbeing and take care of their health. Men are believed to refrain from seeking help unless they face a serious issue. This is what Manual aims to resolve by providing them with an understanding of their problems and fix the same by changing their habits.

Solutions to common problems

It will provide users with the right products, content and services via a holistic approach so that they are empowered to take the necessary action and handle the problems in the way they prefer. The website has been launched with solutions to two major problems faced by men – hair loss and erectile dysfunction (ED). It is said that Manual will soon expand to include knowledge and solutions on topics such as hair, skin, sex and general wellbeing.

Aims to develop consumer-centric brand

Manual was founded in July 2018 by marketing expert George Pallis involved in the rapid progress of Deliveroo and Transferwise and a serial entrepreneur Michalis Gkontas who built and exited Forky to Vivartia. Both of them came together to develop Manual, a direct to consumer brand so that they can leave a positive impact on customers.

Simple and convenient platform

Notably, its co-founder Pallis said that they wanted to build a convenient, simple and trustworthy platform and they have come up with one. It is a one-stop solution that will make it easy for men to make decisions when it comes to their wellbeing. Manual will let them help themselves and progress into to become the men of today. Its mission is to show men the path to modern masculinity.

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