New gen stock exchange Nxchange receives MTF license from Dutch Ministry of Finance

New gen stock exchange Nxchange receives MTF license from Dutch Ministry of Finance

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In a recent development, Nxchange, a new-gen stock exchange has been granted the license from the Ministry of Finance to operate as a Regulated Market. With this license and the software solution it offers with its platformNxchange is now free to enter into partnerships with any financial institutionslenders and other parties that can integrate Nxchange‘s technological applications into their own web environment.

No need for license

Having said that, the partners can offer their customers a chance to list securities through Nxchange and allow investors within their network to invest in these shares or bonds. In this case, the partners don’t need to apply for a license neither have to develop a platform for themselves. 

Complex rules and exorbitant costs is the problem

As per the company, there are plenty of lenders available, who want to assist companies with financing for growth, but considering the complex rules and exorbitant costs, they are not doing so. The Nxchange would now offer companies more opportunities in financing for up to thirty years, rather than three to five years, which is now customary.

Capital requirement of  750,000

Earlier this yearNxchange announced its cooperation with ABN AMRO Clearing Bank, with whom they jointly developed the alternative for settling securities transactions through blockchain technology. According to Marleen Evertsz, CEO of Nxchange, he needed a capital requirement of  750,000 to get this MTF license. Even though the Amsterdam company secured its support, it hasn’t released the name yet.

Marleen Evertsz, CEO of Nxchange says: “Nxchange is the next generation stock exchange that can be used by companies and financial institutions as a white label trading platform for issuing and trading securities. For many companies, a regular stock listing is too complex and also expensive. We believe that the time has come for a more modern form of capital market transactions: efficient, real-time, 24/7, transparent and supported by compliance procedures that assure maximum security. Through partnerships with third parties, we want to make our capital market solution as accessible as possible. We will bring entrepreneurs and investors together within their own network.

Nxchange – New-Gen stock exchange

Based out of Amsterdam, Nxchange makes it possible to place and trade securities on a regulated platform without the intervention of a bank or broker being required. The company has a license for both the regulated market and an investment firm. At present, it is currently under the supervision of Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

Nxchange received the Golden Bull for Best Investment Innovation in 2016, The Cashcow Award for Best Innovation 2017 and the Accenture Innovation Award in 2017.

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