Learn web development within a day without prior knowledge

Learn web development within a day without prior knowledge

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Here’s a superb opportunity to learn web development (without any prior knowledge needed and just within a day): The Euro Coding Challenge.

#1 Learning to code only in a day?

Exactly! An offer to anyone excited about learning to code, with no previous or scarce knowledge of programming. No matter which field you’re in, whether you are a jurist, a housewife or an entrepreneur, this is an open call to any person interested in learning to code in a straightforward, rapid and tremendously fun way. Participants will learn the basics of web development in HTML5 and CSS3 and create their own landing page, guided by the experienced Ironhack lead teachers and developers.

#2 Coding together across borders

This is a European event, taking place at the same time in various cities of the old continent, from the Mediterranean Barcelona to Madrid, Paris, the emblematic Berlin and, as could not be otherwise, the idiosyncratic Amsterdam. The best chance to be part of an exceeding international event without moving from the Dutch diamond!

#3 Amsterdam: When and where?

For this occasion, Ironhack has chosen one of the most centric and trendy locations of the city: the place of avid startups and networking hub, WeWork Weteringschans. Located within a stone’s throw from Amsterdam Central Station and close to the renowned area of De Pijp – will you fancy a beer to celebrate the success of coding your new landing page?

About the date and timing, the event will take place on Saturday, July 7th, from 9:30h to 18:00h, plus a previously included breakfast starting at 8:30h. Lunch and dinner will be provided as well, together with some unrivaled prizes (the last hashtag explains!). The price of the ticket is €16. The good news is that Silicon Canal subscribers can enjoy a 50% discount when purchasing the event tickets by adding the code “ironhackcommunity“.

#4 Gigantic partners for a stupendous cause: coding, the most in-demand skill set

WeWork, the excellent Meetup community & Ironhack’s web dev teaching expertise are partnering to give you this opportunity, intended for anyone who wants to have a taste of what it’s like to be a web developer, out of curiosity, professional interest or for a complete job change.

Today, knowing how to code has become a real asset on the job market, for all professions. With a profound scarcity of programming professionals in The Netherlands,   the request for junior tech talent by companies doubled in 2017, ascending to the astonishing figure of x26 job posts openings per available junior tech worker.

To summarize, there’s a coding talent shortage, which will need to be satisfied by local recent students, career-shifters, and international talent.

#5 Is it coding for me? Is it worth the effort of learning it?

Despite this shocking fact, many still think that learning to code is a difficult task reserved for scientific profiles. In fact, coding is much easier than you might think. This is what Ironhack intends to demonstrate during the event. Currently, the most demanded role by Dutch hunt-talents is a software developer, with junior entry-level average salaries usually starting at €35k+ (among highest in Europe), plus senior levels approaching the €100k figure. Definitely worth to give it a try!


#6 So, what are those unrivaled prizes!?

At the end of the event, one full scholarship will be given to the person with the most social media repercussion throughout all our European attendees, together with one 25% scholarship per campus to the person who made the best Project. Founded in 2013, Ironhack is an international tech school with training in Web Development and UX/UI Design in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Miami, Madrid, Mexico, Sao Paulo and Barcelona.

To date in Amsterdam, there are two Bootcamps: “Web Development Bootcamp” and “UX/UI Design Bootcamp”, available full time over 9 weeks, starting on the 22nd of October till the 21st of December, and followed by a Hiring Week at the very beginning of January 2019. With more than 2,000 graduates, Ironhack has an extensive global network of alumni and partner companies.

Ready to code your own landing page within only one day and participate in the scholarship contest? Do not miss out the Euro Coding Challenge! – Looking forward to seeing you there!

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