Popular Dutch biking startup Swapfiets introduces business bicycle subscription

Popular Dutch biking startup Swapfiets introduces business bicycle subscription

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The Dutch bike-sharing startup Swapfiets has recently launched a new business subscription. Dubbed as, ‘Swapfiets for Business,’ the subscription provides employers and employees with a hassle-free bike service.  Swapfiets for Business will be available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. 

Whether the Swapfiets is used for commuting, for getting to and from business appointments or for tourist cycling routes through the city by hotel guests. Swapfiets for Business employees will always have a working bike for a fixed monthly fee. Similar to the consumer Swapfiets subscription, the business bicycle subscription, does not require any purchasing costs, no deposit and can be cancelled flexibly, even when employees join or leave the company. 

Employees have their own Swapfiets and if there are problems, they can be solved at their company, at the employee’s home or in one of the Swapfiets shops within a day. 

Steven Uitentuis, co-founder Swapfiets:

Bicycle is becoming one of the most popular means of transport for commuting. Therefore it only makes sense that Swapfiets for business would be the next subscription we would introduce to continue the growth of the company.

From lease car to a bike subscription 

With this business subscription, Swapfiets is meeting the increasing demand from employers and employees alike. Notably, cycling is becoming increasingly popular for a large group of people, especially in large cities, where residents and commuters have to deal with parking problems, traffic jams and polluted cities due to CO2 emissions.

From 1st January 2020, the number of business cyclists is likely to increase even more as the additional tax liability has been set to 7%. The new tax ruling is expected to increase the number of people who will cycle to work by 40 to 50 percent from 2020.  Furthermore, the bike-sharing startup (for business) offers companies a single company account with centralised invoicing, in which up to 5,000 bicycles can be included.

Something for everyone 

Swapfiets for Business has three different options: the employee bike, the company bike, and the hotel bike. With the employee bicycle, employers offer their Swapbike for every employee within the company. For companies or organizations that want to provide their employees the opportunity to go out with a Swapbike at all times, there is the company bike.

Finally, there is the hotel bike. Hotels can use this to rent bicycles without worry about their guests. All the business bicycle subscriptions have access to the three Swapfiets bicycles: the Original, Deluxe 7 and the Power 7 e-bike. 

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