Amsterdam-based startups sing Merry Christmas – #StartupWishes

Amsterdam-based startups sing Merry Christmas – #StartupWishes

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Amsterdam is also seen as the startup capital of Europe and with Christmas and 2016 at the doorstep, startups in Amsterdam wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with a video compilation of “A Merry Christmas”. “As this was our launching year, we wanted to share some of the startup energy with the rest of the world and call upon other startup hubs to join in,” says Michel Ko from Amsterdam-based startup Cloudtract who initiated the #startupwishes video by visiting hundreds of startups.


The Netherlands is a small country, so most startups think global from their first day of existence. Different initiatives support startups and (fin)tech companies such as StartupAmsterdam, StartupDelta, Rockstart, X from The Next Web, The Startup Orgy and many more. This startup merry Christmas compilation visualizes the ecosystem.


Click below to watch the video of Amsterdam-based startups singing “A Merry Christmas” [luckily they have other skills besides singing].

Technology and startups historically embedded

Amsterdam has always been a city of entrepreneurs and (creative) people starting new ventures. Actually, the first stock exchange in the world was founded in Amsterdam and the Dutch East India Company was the first stock listed company which issued the world’s earliest shares back in 1602. The Netherlands has a very high level of internet access and mobile penetration making it very receptive to new technologies. (Fin)tech companies and startups can test their new technologies and products and will get an insight on the potential success very quickly. Another interesting fact is that from the 15 undersea (internet) cables that connect the Americas to Europe, 11 converge in the Netherlands. “So the Netherlands truly has (internet) technology at its core thus enabling startups to thrive,” concludes Ko.

Special thanks to…

Thanks to all the startups that have joined in to share our #StartupWishes! And a special thank you to:  Oscar Kneppers from Rockstart, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten from The Next Web, Menno van Leeuwen from ABN Amro/ The Startup Orgy, Martijn van Hoek from SmartPR, Luuk Strijbosch from WeWork and Bas Beekman from StartupAmsterdam.

Note from the editor: this is a guest blog from Cloudtract, the story originally appeared here. Silicon Canals is featured in the video as well.

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