This Denmark startup makes software robots to handle repetitive and mundane tasks to make companies efficient

This Denmark startup makes software robots to handle repetitive and mundane tasks to make companies efficient

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A few years back the word ‘automation’ was tightly associated with robots replacing human labour with machine labour. While its the perfect example, there are other forms of automation as well ranging from as small as software application to huge self-driving cars.

Recently, LEAPWORK, the company that makes workplace automation accessible, raised an Series A investment of $10 million (approx €8.8M), from DN Capital and The company is planning to use its first outside investment, to accelerate product development and expand its sales operation in the US.

LEAPWORK grew by more than 450 percent last year!

Founded in 2015 and launched in April 2017, LEAPWORK is transforming work on a global scale by making process automation accessible to any employee, using its entire visual system, backed by a modern tech stack. Instead of using hours of developer time, staff can automate tasks themselves, without writing any code, thanks to the simple user interface.

Notably, the system is as easy to learn as Powerpoint or Excel and allows clients to accomplish more with less resource, lower their costs and reduce risks. With this platform, the customers are seeing an average time saving of 75 percent. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company has offices in London, UK, San Francisco, USA, Minsk, Belarus, and Gurugram, India.

Future of work is automation

“We created LEAPWORK because we believe the future of work is using the power of automation to work better, together. This matters because it impacts us all, whether it’s by increasing our productivity or increasing our job satisfaction,” says Christian Brink Frederiksen, LEAPWORK’s CEO and co-founder. “About half of our business comes from the US and this investment will enable us to serve those customers better as well as reaching new ones.”

Claus Topholt, CTO and co-founder, says:

Our unique visual technology and smart algorithms are a game changer because they enable the users with the most relevant business knowledge to easily create automated workflows themselves, even where they personally don’t have coding knowledge.

Thomas Rubens, of DN Capital, says:

From the outset, we were impressed by LEAPWORK’s product, which we believe will change the automation landscape. Every company has repetitive tasks that could be automated and few have the developer resource to make it happen. LEAPWORK solves that by making automation easy for any employee. We’re excited to watch them grow.

Christian Miele, of, says:

We felt intrigued when we first met Christian and Claus. Their vision of making it possible for non-technical people to easily automate processes convinced us right away. Given that LEAPWORK has been bootstrapped to this point and has shown massive traction at this stage of the company, we are really happy to partner with such an exceptional team.

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