These 10 European startups make finding a doctor as easy as booking a hotel

These 10 European startups make finding a doctor as easy as booking a hotel

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We’re not used to waiting anymore. Today, we can find whatever we want on the internet and whenever we want. While this is true for many industries, there are still businesses that have not entirely shifted to the online industry. These industries are still traditional, like the healthcare industry, which is underpinned by a fragmented process to connect patients and doctor.

While several startups are trying to bridge these gaps, today we have compiled a list of few innovative European startups that helps patients book health appointments 24/7 by connecting them with qualified and expert doctors. Let’s take a look!

Doctolib (France)

Founders – Stanislas Niox-Chateau, Jessy Bernal and Ivan Schneider

Funding – €237 million

Doctolib was established in 2013 in Paris. This French healthtech startup provides a suite of online services to help reduce the overhead costs and no-shows for doctors and let patients look out for healthcare services and book them 24/7. It also helps in providing remote video consultations. Patients can also get digital subscriptions via online.

DocPlanner (Poland)

Founders – Mariusz Gralewski

Funding – €45.9 million

DocPlanner established in 2012 is one of the biggest European appointment booking platform. It operates with the mission of making healthcare more accessible. It has over 2 million verified opinions and let patients find the best doctor near them and book a visit in a jiffy. Founded in Poland, it has offices across several global markets.

Top Doctors (Spain)

Founders – Alberto E. Porciani, Lorena Bassas Vivó

Funding – €4.6 million

Top Doctors was founded 2013 and operates an online platform providing healthcare information. It also lets patients select doctors, physicians and medical centres. They can also book appointments online and access a range of related tips from them regarding health, wellness, beauty and medicine.

Doctena (Belgium)

Founders – Alain Fontaine, Patrick Kersten and Marc Molitor

Funding – €12.5 million

Doctena, a Luxembourg-based medical booking platform is used by doctors and healthcare practitioners founded in 2013. It lets them connect their agendas and improve the referral of patients and improves coordination. This startup lets patients in need of urgent treatment get registered quickly by using up empty slots due to cancellation. (Sweden)

Founders – Martin Lindman

Funding – €13.4 million

Founded in 2016, helps patients get the right care at the right time. The app makes sure the queries are answered via chat, phone and video as quickly as 3 minutes. It creates care chains and follows up with the patients. works to ensure that the care required by patients are matched with each available resource.

FinDoc (London)

Founders – Sylvain Vuillen and Xavier Bernal

Funding – €1.4 million

FinDoc was established in 2016 with the mission to let patients book their next healthcare appointment via any device in less than a minute. It aims to make booking a doctor appointment as simple and easy as booking a hotel, restaurant or flight via online. It lets patients book a doctor appointment instantly 24/7.

Now Healthcare Group (UK)

Founders – Lee Dentith

Funding – €4.5 million

Now Healthcare Group founded in 2014 was created by a team of talented innovators involved in developing next-generation technologies. The startup offers adaptable and scalable healthcare services. It is the first one to offer gender-wise doctor selection and is the leading medical app. It lets doctor search in your language.

Doctify (UK)

Founders – Stephanie Eltz and Suman Saha

Doctify was started in 2014. It aims at understanding both the professional and personal sides of healthcare. It uses technology to enhance the relationship between healthcare professionals and patients. It makes it easier for simpler to book online doctor appointments from any device 24/7. It is also possible to access the next available doctor during urgent appointment.

Qunomedical (France)

Founders – Gero Graf and Sophie Chung

Funding – €1.8 million

Qunomedical was founded in 2015 and believes providing ultimate healthcare services. As no two patients are alike and will have varying medical requirements, emotional demands and comfort levels, it takes the right step to handle their requires accordingly. It helps patients choose the highest quality healthcare services by letting them book the right doctor from anywhere.

Doctoranytime (Belgium)

Founders – Eleftheria Zourou, Maher Cherfan and Sylvain Niset

Funding – €1 million

Doctoranytime 2012 helps people find a directory of doctors and find the most suitable one for them based on proximity, cost, specialty, experience and other factors. It is working on new features and catering to the requirements of the doctors.

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