These are the top 10 fintech companies to work for in Amsterdam

These are the top 10 fintech companies to work for in Amsterdam

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Fintech is a sector focused on new technologies that will disrupt the conventional market. Eventually, it is growing rapidly across the world. As this transformation is welcome in the industry, numerous fintech companies have erupted and have grown reaching billions in terms of value. With numerous technological advancements such as blockchain, there are various types of fintech startups each with their own way of operations.

Given this growth of startups in the fintech category, establishing a career in the field will definitely a workout for those who have an acquired taste in this major. If you have pursued a career in the financial sector, then here are some interesting fintech startups in Amsterdam to work for.


Founders – Chris Zadeh

Funding raised – €40 million

Established in 2009 by Chris Zadeh, Ohpen is a market leader in core banking in the Netherlands. It offers core banking modules of savings, pensions and current accounts. Recently, in January 2019, Zadeh stepped down from his position as CEO of the fintech startup and the CEOship was transferred to Matthijs Aler.


Founders – Pieter van der Does and Arnout Schuijff

Funding raised – €293 million

Founded in 2006, Adyen built a payments platform for the fast-growing businesses. This platform aims to simplify and accelerate global payments. It lets merchants accept payments in a single system that enables revenue growth online, at the point of sale terminals and on mobile devices.


Founders – Brian Reaves

Funding raised – €1.5 million

Factris offers an online invoice factoring platform for the European SMEs so that they can pay the invoices on the same business day as they have been uploaded. The startup takes care of the invoice matters so that entrepreneurs can focus on the growth of the business.


Founders – Egbert Pronk, Joost van de Wijgerd, Nick Bortot and Robbert Bos

Funding raised – nearly €20 million

Founded in 2014, BUX is a mobile app that has over 2 million users in nine European countries. The company is building a new app focusing on long-term and cryptocurrency investing. It makes stock trading accessible as well as affordable for clients.

Digital Insurance Group

Founders – Ingo Weber

Funding raised – €15 million

Digital Insurance Group is a digital insurance platform founded in 2017. Its data-driven insurance platform enables customers to quickly roll out fully customized mobile-first insurance experience. It works with global banks as well as other companies offer innovative insurance solutions to their customers.

Blanco Services

Founders – Bernadette Wijnings, Joost Walgemoed

Funding raised – €2.0 million

Established in 2015, Blanco Services has a team of experienced people who know how to make asset managers and investment firms scalable using modern technology. The fintech firm has developed a new technology – 60-minute Client Onboarding to rapidly register wealth management.


Founders – Gion van den Bogaert, Marijn van Aerle and Sven van der Biezen

Funding raised – €9.4 million

Founded in 2016, InvoiceFinance has its headquarters in Hertogenbosch, which is not very far from Amsterdam. It lets entrepreneurs seek business loans from €5,000 to €1 million. It provides capital for everyone ranging from small to big businesses. It offers a better customer experience than banks.


Founders – Raymundo Leefmans, Jan Joost Kalff, Hans Van Leeuwen and David Jokinen

Funding raised – €5 million

Started in 2014, Dimebox develops and markets an online payments platform. It offers payment gateway, billing and settlement, acquiring processing, data and analytics and fraud prevention solutions based on machine learning. Dimebox was acquired by Verifone, a multinational fintech firm with its headquarters in California.


Founders – Sebastiaan Lichter, Kai Bennink and Zowie Langdon

Funding raised – €13.5 million

Blockport founded in 2017 built a user-friendly exchange connecting socially with trading and lets people effortlessly trade cryptocurrency. It helps them adapt to the new and emerging digital economy. It aims to provide everyone access to cryptocurrency and blockchain.


Finaps delivers innovative IT solutions using advanced technologies. The team of experienced business engineers work in closely with clients letting them deliver high-quality solutions within a short time. The team has expertise in various sectors including financial services, public sector, healthcare and charity.

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