This Swedish AI startup help patients control respiratory diseases by diagnosing their cough sounds

This Swedish AI startup help patients control respiratory diseases by diagnosing their cough sounds

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Air quality is deteriorating every single day due to the ever-rising pollution. This situation is resulting in increased respiratory conditions. To combat the issue, many startups are employing smart devices and smartphones to monitor respiratory diseases via apps.

NuvoAir raised €2.67M funding

NuvoAir based in Stockholm is a digital therapeutics startup founded in 2015 by Lorenzo Consoli to tackle this issue. Now, NuvoAir has raised $3 million (nearly €2.67 million) funding from a venture capital firm Industrifonden, which is a large first science and tech investor in the Nordics. Also, the startup’s existing investor Investment AB Spiltan also participated in the funding round.

NuvoAir aims to make respiratory diseases measurable and treatable. It uses cutting-edge technology so that patients, physicians and research companies take the right decisions. Its digital therapeutics software called Aira sends personalised care suggestions depending on the patient’s condition.

Lorenzo Consoli, CEO of NuvoAir, said, “This investment and partnership can significantly advance our focus on digital therapeutics and bring to market new smart devices to help patients manage their condition while improving physicians’ clinical decisions.”

Offers a dynamic solution

Aria is the first CE certified and clinically validated digital health assistant. It focuses on patients with respiratory conditions. Aria is designed to support patients suffering from respiratory issues make the right decision regarding their lung health. It is possible for patients to monitor their lung functions with intelligence instructions and feedback.

Simplifies respiratory diagnosis

NuvoAir launched a smartphone-connected device called spirometer to make real-time lung function assessment possible right at the convenience of patients’ home. In the past three years, over 500,000 spirometry tests were collected. These tests power the machine learning algorithms to offer insights to patients, physicians and pharma companies.

Air Next is competent enough

Back in 2018, NuvoAir developed a new spirometer called Air Next. It features a sleek design that fits in the palm of users. It is more robust than the previous devices. It is priced at €165 and is easy to use for those suffering from life-long lung conditions such as cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. It measures the same parameters regarding lung health as the medical professionals do.

Air Next measures FVC (forced vital capacity) measurement test indicating the volume of air exhaled during a forceful complete expiration. It measures FEV1 (forced expiratory volume) at the same time, which indicates the amount of air breathed out per second. These findings reveal the effectiveness of the lungs.

High-quality results

With in-built quality control, the NuvoAir’s apps that power the Air Next support both Android and iOS platforms and are meant for both smartphones and tablets.

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