Tippr, the ‘Tinder of Catering’ enters Belgium: 5 cool things to know about the Dutch startup

Tippr, the ‘Tinder of Catering’ enters Belgium: 5 cool things to know about the Dutch startup

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Tippr app, commonly known as the ‘Tinder of catering’ in the Netherlands, aims to help the hospitality professionals — by keeping them informed about the market trends and innovations on the go. The app keeps them equipped with tips, knowledge and innovative products without taking a lot of their valuable time. Especially, it is helpful for those in the food industry — who do not have time to attend long sessions and visit trade fairs to keep in touch with the latest trends.

Founded in 2017 by Colin Westerwoudt and Pim Pelser in the Netherlands, Tippr has now entered Belgium. Reportedly, the Tippr app will be available for hospitality professionals in Belgium very soon. The app will offer hotels, cafes and restaurants a solution to their everyday problems such as how to keep guests surprised and tempted, etc.

Tippr matches suppliers and professionals

The business model followed by Tippr allows it to make money by just matching the product suppliers and catering professionals. If a chef or manager shows interest in a product through its app, then the supplier quotes a fee. It operates with the aim to generate a secondary source of income with the data available on its platform. Based on the data, the Tippr team can predict the upcoming catering trends.

Swipe for suggestions

Tippr lets you swipe through a personalised feed to get suggestions. The feed will consist of products from various suppliers. It makes use of a special algorithm, which will display only the products that you actually want or interested in. The feed will let you get knowledge and learn about the latest products and trends by just swiping through it.

Suppliers pay subscription fee

The product suppliers will have to subscribe to the paid service of the Tippr app. While all suppliers can use the app for free, a paid subscription will leverage more advantages. Suppliers who pay the monthly subscription fee starting from €95 will get a chance to show a range of their collection. They will have to pay more to show more number of products.

Products with high demand get importance

Notably, the products with high-quality meta description and demand from the market will get more importance. The better the meta information, the higher the chance for the product to be listed in the feed. Remember that only the more popular items will be shown often in the feed. So, even the demand for the product in the market plays an important role.

Tippr has been quite successful

Since its launch in 2017, Tippr has been downloaded nearly 8000 times. It has reached 20,000 professionals per week and has generated around 300,000 swipes since its launch.

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