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When it comes to the Dutch startup ecosystem, the country as a whole is setting new highs. In the last quarter, the startups in the Netherlands raised €200 million funding and recently as per reports by Dealroom, the startups over here have raised around €400 million funding in Q3 2018. Overall, the Netherlands as a tiny country has already taken the seventh spot in Europe, sharing with Ireland and Portugal. Also, in the Q3 2018, with the fintech giant Adyen’s IPO (7.1 billion) and acquisition of Mendix at 628 million, the country scored the third rank in exits of venture capital-funded companies. So compared to Q2, this quarter was comparatively quite a success.

Coming back to the funding raised by the Dutch startups in the last quarter, we take a look at the most notable ones today!


#1 Cobase

The Dutch startup Cobase has come up with a multibank platform, which will act as a single point of access to all the bank accounts and financial products as well as services. Founded in 2017 by Jorge Schafraad, Cobase has its headquarters in Amsterdam. In September, the fintech startup raised €7.5 million from ING Ventures, a globally active financial institution.


#2 Black Bear

Black Bear founded in 2010 in the Netherlands has come up with a unique solution to reduce the harmful environmental effect caused by used tired. The company founded by Martijn Lopes Cardozo transforms old tires into Carbon Black, which is essential to produce technical rubber goods, tires, inks and coatings. In September 2018, Black Bear received €11 million funding from a consortium including Chemelot Ventures, ING Sustainable Investments, Stitching DOEN, SCG, Social Impact Ventures and 5square. This funding will be used to expand the rollout of its technology globally.


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#3 Hardt Hyperloop

One of the hottest Dutch startups from the country, this Delft startup Hardt Hyperloop was founded in 2016 by Tim Houter, Marinus van der Meijs and Mars Geuze. The startup works on Hyperloop solutions for the overpopulated cities, unhealthy industrial urbanisation and inaccessible rural areas. This startup received €5 million finding from InnoEnergy, a European community for innovation and knowledge in sustainable energy.


#4 Mosa Meat

Mosa Meat is a Dutch startup aimed at transforming the global meat industry with cell-culture technology. Founded in 2016, the Maastricht-based startup raised €7.5 million funding from Bell Food Group, a meat processing company based in Switzerland and Merck, a German pharmaceutical company. The startup is using the investment to meet the increasing demand in the global meat industry.


#5 Temper

Founded in 2015 by Paul Eggink, Temper is an online marketplace that helps freelancers get listed, and individuals post their project. The platform lets freelancers choose when to work, what time to start and how long to work. In Q3 2018, the Amsterdam based online platform received a growth capital of around €4 million from Amsterdam venture capitalist Slingshot reportedly.


#6 Fairphone

Fairphone, the sustainable Dutch smartphone company, founded in 2013 by Bas van Abel, ensures that the raw materials used in smartphones should not come from the conflict regions. The startup aims to create a positive impact across mining, designing, manufacturing and life cycle and reduce the wastage of resources. In the last quarter, Fairphone raised €2.5 million via a crowdfunding campaign through Oneplanetcrowd investment platform.


#7 Felyx

Founded in 2016 by Quinten Selhorst and Maarten Poot, Felyx offers shared electric scooters that are fast, convenient and affordable. These e-scooters are located and activated via a companion app and parked at parking space. In July 2018, Felyx raised €2 million funding from private investors and ABN AMRO bank and €1 million funding for its organisational growth.


#8 Smart Photonics

Smart Photonics was founded in 2012 by Richard Visser. Located in Eindhoven, it is the world’s first foundry for Indium Phosphide photonics semiconductors. In September, this startup raised €6 million funding from informal investors. The new funding will help the company improve both its stability and robustness and lay a foundation towards a full production plant.

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