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In the current era, scores of people are proactively looking for improved healthcare and are willing to gift themselves control over their health. Unlike never before, people understand that prevention is better than cure and are trying to keep ailments at the bay.

To manage their health, people need access to affordable and clinical-grade insights to know how their lifestyle is taking a toll on their health. This is possible with at-home testing kits that indicate health hazards such as diabetes and heart diseases.

As the advancement in technology is paving the way for innovation, numerous healthtech companies have come up with products and services that make it possible to stay in good health. Afterall, healthtech is also like other industries that have progressed to a great extent due to the technological revolution. There is a rapid market shift towards the maintenance of optimum health and proactive healthcare.

One such healthtech startup is London-based Thriva, which operates with the mission to make optimal health accessible to everyone with the help of tools and actionable insights. Founded in 2016 by Hamish Grierson, Eliot Brooks and Tom Livesey, Thriva has helped over 100,000 people in the UK manage their health proactively.

In a recent development, London-based healthtech startup secured £6 million (nearly €6.5 million) funding from Pembroke VCT and Guinness Asset Management. This takes the total funding raised by the company to £7.5 million (nearly €8.2 million). This funding will be used by the company to stick to its mission and provide everyone with profound control over their health and wellbeing.

Thriva: An Insight!

Thriva offers a home finger-prick blood test letting you track internal blood markers and know if you are in proper health. The finger-prick kit comes with proper instructions and many spare lancets to help you draw enough blood for the test.

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Once you do the home test, you’ll have to mail the blood sample to Thriva’s partner lab and the results will be analysed and uploaded to the platform. You will get the report and recommendations from a healthcare professional so that you bring lifestyle changes that will improve your health. In the worst case, you will be asked to consult a doctor.

Accredited testing kits

Well, Thriva offers at-home testing kits processed by UKAS accredited laboratories. These kits can analyse anything ranging from deficiency of vitamins, minerals to health issues. This also includes tests for kidney and liver functions and cholesterol levels. It will focus on people suffering from possible IBS/IBD reach potential target self diagnose the issue.

The startup is also in plans to launch a corporate product aimed at companies that want to serve employees in a different way. And, those who are looking for affordable ways to offer employee health benefits.

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