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Blockchain technology is on the rise and poised to transform businesses across every industry drastically. These days people depend on databases owned by companies to store and transfer information to one another.

In the present circumstances some part of our society is filled with uncertainty and trust issues, so they have invented Blockchain technology platform to keep data in a safe place. To make it more simple, it is decentralised and distributed so that no one person can take it down or corrupt it.

Integrating various blockchain platform and creating compatibility between is going to be the next big thing in the Blockchain ecosystem. The unchain.io, an Amsterdam-based startup is all about doing exactly that, which is addressing the need for blockchain services that easily integrate with existing systems.

Furthermore, the company is now rapidly scaling up its team to work with consortia, enterprise clients, system-integrators, application vendors and cloud-service-providers.

The Blockchain Gateway

Recently, the technology startup unchain.io in ties with Schuberg Philis announced the availability of unchain.io’s blockchain Adapter on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

In our conversation with Marcel Makken, co-founder of unchain.io, he said, “Amazon was extremely helpful and is personally committed and involved in making this a success and the very same goes for the Schuberg Philis team. We are so proud for the AWS Market Place announcement because it provides Unchain.io a very broad access for us and growth markets.”

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This blockchain adapter is one of the first connection services to allow for a secure and easy-to-configure connection from any application or Internet of Things (IoT) device to an Ethereum blockchain network. It is just one of the multiple Adapters within unchain.io’s enterprise offering, called “The Blockchain Gateway” and will be available on AWS Marketplace in early 2019.

With the availability of unchain.io´s blockchain Adapter on AWS Marketplace, as CloudFormation Template, customers can deploy the Adapter directly into their existing AWS environment, receiving pay-as-you-go pricing.

A 14 days Free Trial is available for all the new and interested customers through the AWS Marketplace. The Blockchain Gateway is an enterprise-grade blockchain integration platform, allowing organisations to securely connect to their blockchain technology of choice, at scale.

The collaboration with Schuberg Philis marks unchain.io’s active engagement in building an ecosystem of trusted technology partners. Moreover, unchain.io is planning to grow an international network to collaborate and leverage its technology in blockchain initiatives as well.

Not exclusive to energy sector

A few months back, the company also announced backing from the Dutch investor Han de Groot and an agreement with sustainable energy group Vattenfall to develop a blockchain use case for the energy industry.

Moreover, Marcel added the functionality they provide is not exclusive for the energy as they are also working for supply chain financial services, healthcare, and others to build blockchains around their businesses.

“We won’t be exclusively in a sector and will definitely be a broad provider of technology solutions to a range of industries,” said Marcel.

Broad adoption in the next five years

As quoted by Marcel, blockchain industry will have a broad adoption rate in the next five years as per the reports recently published by PWC and Lloyd (Deloitte). He also added,” I think what we already see now is some key industry parties coming together. The key aspect of a successful blockchain network is to have enough participation, and there can only be a huge adoption of participation if onboarding to a network is easy. Hence, we come in and making it easy to connect and to grow ahead.”

Thatcher Peskens, Director of Cloud at unchain.io said, “Most of today’s initiatives to explore blockchain are done with a relatively limited scope from the start. With unchain.io’s blockchain Adapter, we now provide a specific piece of the Blockchain Gateway, easily enabling a basic connection to Ethereum with virtually any application, while at the same time, leveraging the broad reach of AWS Marketplace and the use of AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS).”

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