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The ‘Apple of China’, Xiaomi set its foot in Europe and witnessed enough success. The company has managed to create a hype for its upcoming smartphones across the continent. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Xiaomi altered the smartphone shipments and market share of OEMs in Europe. Especially, the company took a chunk of the market share possessed by big brands such as Apple and Samsung.

A recent report by Canalys gives an overview of smartphone shipments and market share of OEMs in Europe. “Europe is in a favourable position and attracts the attention of many Chines vendors given its channel balance. Operators and open channels form 47% and 50% respectively in terms of go-to-market. This has given the potential to scale and healthier margins with mid to high-end products”, stated Mo Jia, Canalys analyst.

Jia stated that the European smartphone market is evenly split between sales directly from operators and sales from open channels. This is quite different from the trend seen in the US where a majority of the sales is directly from operators. Furthermore, the report mentions that an influx of mid-range smartphones with 5G support is expected in 2020.

Samsung leads the market!

As per the report, Samsung leads the market as per Q3 2019 with the most shipments accounting to 18.7 million units and a market share of 35.7%. Notably, this is 26% higher than that of the same period last year, which is 14.8 million units and a 30.4% market share.

Huawei maintains market share

Trailing behind Samsung is Huawei. Despite the ban in the US, Huawei managed to sell more devices in the third quarter of this year with 11.6 million units accounting to 22.2% market share. Well, this is almost the same as the numbers that the company achieved last year in the same period. It is interesting to know that Huawei managed to maintain its position in Europe.

Apple witnessed a minor drop!

Apple falls in the third position with a shipment of 9.8 million units in the third quarter of this year and a market share of 18.6%. This is a 4% drop in the market share that the company achieved in the same period last year. To be precise, Apple achieved a sales of 10.2 million units in Q3 2019 and a market share of 20.8%.

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Xiaomi exhibits whopping growth

Xiaomi, the ‘Apple of China’ has shown a massive progress accounting to 5.5 million units of sales in Q3 2019 accounting to 10.5% market share. In comparison, the brand achieved 3.2 million units of sales last year in the same period resulting in a 6.5% market share. This is a whopping 73% increase in its year-on-year growth and it has been possible with its aggressive expansion plans.

HMD Global falls hard

In the fifth spot, there’s HMD Global with 0.9 million units of sales that account for 1.8% of the market share. Notably, the Finnish company has witnessed a drop of 24% in the market share as it accounted for 7.7 million units of sales and 16% market share in Q3 2018.

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