Huawei opens cybersecurity transparency centre in Brussels to resolve challenges

Huawei opens cybersecurity transparency centre in Brussels to resolve challenges

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Huawei opened their cybersecurity transparency centre in Brussels at an event with over 200 representatives from telecom carriers, regulators, media and enterprises. Representatives from all over the European Union, the World Economic Forum and the GSMA addressed the opening ceremony.

Trust is a major challenge in cybersecurity and is one of the issues that the world is facing in the digital era. Ken Hu, Huawei’s Deputy Chairman said, “Trust needs to be based on facts, facts must be verifiable, and verification must be based on common standards. We believe that this is an effective model to build trust for the digital era.”

Talking about the challenges, he added that new developments in intelligence, software and All Cloud are posing unprecedented challenges to the cybersecurity of the ICT infrastructure. These challenges are further worsened due to the lack of consensus on technical standards, legislative support, cyber security and verification systems. Protecting cybersecurity is considered a responsibility by all industry players and the entire society. In fact, increasing security risks post significant threats in the future of the digital society.

Huawei has opened a cybersecurity transparency centre to address these challenges. It aims to offer a platform to the technical experts, government agencies, standards organizations and industry associations to communicate as well as collaborate to balance the development and security in the digital era.

Cybersecurity transparency centre responsibilities

Firstly, it will showcase the end-to-end cybersecurity practices of Huawei ranging from strategies to R&D and products and solutions. This will let visitors experience cybersecurity with products and solutions offered by Huawei in 5G, cloud and IoT. Next, it will also facilitate communication between the company and key stakeholders on cybersecurity strategies and end-to-end privacy protection practices. Lastly, the centre will offer a platform for product testing and verification and related services for the Huawei customers.

Huawei’s approach to cybersecurity is “Security or Nothing”. The cybersecurity transparency centres are open to the customers and third-party organisations testing the same. They are invited to performance independent and objective security tests and verification as per the industry standards.

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