Microsoft and StartupDelta come together to accelerate startups ecosystem in the Netherlands

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Software giant Microsoft and Dutch accelerator StartupDelta have signed a partnership recently to join forces in developing activities that will strengthen the Dutch startup and scaleup ecosystem. They aim to drive broad level technology education in innovative fields like AI and quantum technology.

Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President and President, Global Sales, Marketing and Operations at Microsoft: “Technological innovations such as AI and quantum are accelerating at an ever-faster speed. We believe that the power of these innovations can enable organizations to be agile and achieve more. It’s through partnerships like we have with StartupDelta, that startups and scaleups can leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage

Special Envoy StartupDelta, Constantijn van Oranje. “I applaud Microsoft’s deep commitment to the Dutch startup ecosystem. When start-ups and multinationals team up, they can help each other to innovate and accelerate. StartupDelta looks forward to collaborating with Microsoft to explore the economic and social opportunities of quantum technology and artificial intelligence.”

Get to know the four building blocks of this collaboration


Microsoft and StartupDelta will make an impact on Dutch education, and drive cloud and AI skills of IT professionals and developers.


The partnership is aiming to work together to recruit and accelerate Dutch startups for their joint ecosystem. Microsoft will continue to provide free Azure credits and technical resources. StartupDelta will continue to connect startups with corporate innovators. This also includes offering business resources to build cloud business models, providing workspaces and organizing technology deep-dive sessions on topics like AI and Quantum Computing.


For the development of scaleups, Microsoft will offer expert support, access to customers, executive coaching, and Azure credits in the ‘Microsoft Accelerator for Scaleups’ program. Along with StartupDelta, Microsoft will initiate development of AI-infused solutions with Dutch startups, scaleups or individual developers that fit the need of Dutch Microsoft customers.


The partnership will herald a journey towards the formation of a ‘Quantum Coalition’ of science, government and the technology industry, to accelerate the unique position the Netherlands has in the field of quantum computing.

The collaboration has been applauded by the officials of Microsoft and StartupDelta as it not only promises development of the Dutch startup ecosystem but is also beneficial for the greater good of science and technology, primarily of quantum technology and artificial intelligence

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