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Though we are in the nascent stage, prevailing signs show that Europe is crazy for electric vehicles. While normal trucks are still a common sight on the roads, there is a decline in the same. What’s striking is that European automobile makers are quickly adapting the trend and are coming up with electric trucks.

In the near future, electric trucks and vans are likely to be common as these will provide numerous benefits. Firstly, businesses and fleet managers can reduce their operating costs. The other benefit is that these reduce the overall CO2 emissions and the harmful effects of the same caused to the environment.

Electric trucks are the third chapter of electrified vehicles as the concept trails behind the electric card and electric buses. Talking about truck electrification, there are clear signs of development in this industry as EU lawmakers reached a deal on truck CO2 emission standards and set a zero-emission truck sales target. And, truckmakers have acknowledged that truck electrification might become mainstream sooner than anticipated.

Last month, Tesla launched its electric truck Tesla Semi in Europe and started taking reservations for the same, albeit in select countries such as the UK, Norway, and the Netherlands. While all eyes are on the high-anticipated Tesla Semi, a handful of electric struck startups in Europe are zooming up at full speed to bring their electric truck offerings to the European roads. Also, big automobile brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Renault, and Volvo among others are also bringing their fully electric trucks to customers. Here we list the other electric trucks available in Europe right now.

Picture credits: Volta Trucks

Volta Trucks (Stockholm)

Founders: Carl-Magnus Norden
Founded year: 2019

Volta Trucks are designed with a driver-centric approach. The bulky diesel engine underneath the driver seat has been replaced by battery packs. The cabin of the truck is designed in a unique way, where it has been lowered similar to a bus, thereby having no necessity for jumping or climbing. There are sensors and cameras all around the truck to avoid blind spots. The lowered cab and reduced vibration give a better driving experience. Moreover, the future-proof Volta truck zero CO2 emissions as it is 100% electric.

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Picture credits: Einride

Einride (Stockholm)

Founders: Filip Lilja, Linnéa Kornehed, Robert Falck
Funded year: 2016

Einride has developed fully electric and autonomous logging trucks. One of its offerings, the Einride Pod is all-electric and autonomous and is equipped with specialised modular trailers for pallets, timber, perishable goods, and others. The company’s electric self-driving cargo trucks that can be controlled remotely by drivers. Back in 2018, Einride joined with logistics company DB Schenker for the commercial installation of an all-electric, autonomous truck at the latter’s facility in Sweden.

Picture credits: Tevva

Tevva (UK)

Founders: Asher Bennett
Founded year: 2012

Tevva designs and develops mass-market extended-range electric trucks ranging from 7.5 tonnes up to 32 tonnes. Tevva’s award-winning proprietary technology integrates battery management systems, the latest electric motor technology and a patented, intelligent, remotely operated range extender. Recently, Tevva unveiled ELECTRIFY, its new Commercial EV Technology Fleet programme. Tevva launched its first electric hybrid truck featuring 74 kWh batteries on either side of the chassis and a 120 kW electric motor. It is touted to be the world’s first greenest truck.

Picture credits: StreetScooter

StreetScooter (Germany)

Founders: Achim Kampker, Günther Schuh
Founded year: 2010

StreetScooter is a German electric vehicle manufacturer acquired by Deutsche Post in 2014. The company offers a zero-emissions light utility vehicle tailored systematically to users’ needs. Its electric mobility options are practical, robust, and economic. StreetScooter has built electric trucks such as Work and Work L. Work is powered by lithium-ion battery packs and uses a 30 kW permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor. It can deliver a range of 50 km to 80 km based on the traffic and load conditions at maximum speed up to 85 km/h.

Picture credits: E-Trucks Europe

E-Trucks Europe (Netherlands)

Founded year: 2017

E-Trucks Europe is constantly looking for innovative options for sustainable transport. It produces hydrogen-hybrid vehicles with an electric driveline, which means that these are quiet and do not generate emissions. The built-in hydrogen system converts hydrogen into electricity and the vehicles can be used 24 hours a day and remain clean.

Main image picture credits: E-Trucks Europe

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