10 most promising sports tech startups in Paris changing the future of industry in 2019 and beyond

10 most promising sports tech startups in Paris changing the future of industry in 2019 and beyond

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The European sports tech industry is gaining traction of late. Times for sport tech companies in Europe are quite exciting now with hundreds of thousands of such companies cropping up across the continent. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is a new era in sports as big sports organisations are hosting tech events and applying tech to find solutions in their everyday business.

As the new sports era is setting in, it looks like Europe is all set to face the same. Though this sector is still in the nascent stages, many such startups have already received investments for their growth. While all major business markets such as the UK, France, Germany and Nordics are known for having a strong network of sports tech companies, here we list some interesting sports tech startups based in Paris as sourced from Dealroom.


Founders: Antoine Vallespir, Mohamed Tazi, Sébastien BEQUART
Funding: €14 million

Founded in 2013, Gymlib aims to change mentalities and keep them fulfilled. The innovative sports tech company offers a unique pass for employees letting them access over 300 sports activities across numerous infrastructures all over France. Gymlib is an asset for employees and a reflex for employers. Its clientele includes Deliveroo, Seimens and many others.


Founders: Cedric Mangaud, Ongan Mordeniz
Funding: €5 million

PIQ is a leader in robotic sports. This startup founded in 2015 has changed the definition of connected sports. PIQ analyses your game and provides you with the winning factor. This company’s ultra-powerful super sensor called PIQ-Robot provides a connected sports system, outstanding visualisations of your movements and more letting you achieve unbeatable performance. The PIQ app provides content including your scoreboard.

Adrenaline Hunter

Founders: Denis Fayolle, Lucile Mathe, Maud Mathe
Funding: €3.2 million

Established in 2015, Adrenaline Hunter is the world’s first online marketplace dedicated for adventure sports. The platform connects thrill seekers with adventure activity providers. This platform makes it possible to find, compare, book and review leisure activities and sports. The marketplace offers a unique online tool facilitating activity providers increase their online visibility by marketing their activities and finding new clients.


Founders: Flavien Guillocheau
Funding: €3.1 million

PandaScore established in 2015 is an esports data and odds provider. This startup collects real-time data related to competitive matches. Currently, this company works with bookmakers, professional teams and score apps across the world to grow their business.


Founders: Albin Egasse, Nizar Melki
Funding: €2.7 million

In 2011, SportEasy offers a web platform and mobile app for all amateur sports teams. This platform helps coaches in organising their teams. It also lets players share their passion and communicate with other members of the team.


Founders: Guillaume Richard, Julien Jérémie
Funding: €750k

Hardloop is a community and e-commerce platform established in 2015. This platform is dedicated to all outdoor activity enthusiasts. Hardloop offers over 1,000 sports adventures including hiking, camping, kayaking, skiing, climbing, mountain biking, etc. Concerned about the environment, this company has planted over 9,000 trees and conducted campaigns for sustainable consumption.


Founders: Michael Weisz
Funding: €120k

Founded in 2015, Shapeheart operates with the objective to create innovative wearable products that help people using smartphones for running, cycling and other fitness activities. The company makes this possible with a range of armbands. These offer access to smartphones with ease. Also, there is an accurate heart rate tracker, which is integrated into the armband.

Let’s Ride (Dynamo Cycling)

Founders: Jonathan Garret, Nicolas Chabrier, Steph Nieman
Funding: €2 million

Created in 2015, Let’s Ride announce a merger with Dynamo Cycling forming a leader in indoor cycling. After the merger that happened last year, the company retains the name Dynamo Cycling for its benefit and will be led by its founders.

Krank Club

Founders: Alexis Agahi, Antoine Barré, Vincent Bucaille
Funding: €750k

Do you want to play football or tennis? Well, Krank Club helps you do so with its application, which makes it easy to organise sports sessions and job events hosted by other community members. Founded in 2015, it develops its network of sports partners and has over 150,000 athletes in its community. Each month, over 30,000 hours of sports are played with the help of Krank Club.


Founders: Stéphane Prioux
Funding: €500k

Kazaden founded in 2014 is one of the world’s first websites providing activities and exceptional outdoor stays. The site includes the most exciting sporting stays and activities in France and abroad. It allows both individuals and businesses to find a simple and fun sporting adventure that meets their expectations precisely including surfing, cruises, multi-activity holidays and more.

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