10 promising blockchain startups in Amsterdam to work for in 2019

10 promising blockchain startups in Amsterdam to work for in 2019

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Blockchain is the recent buzz everywhere but not all countries operate at the same speed to embrace this emerging technology. Some countries have understood how to crack down the technology with companies that have taken the initial step to dive into the blockchain technology and encouraged innovation.

The Netherlands is one such country that emerged as a leader on this front. The government offers support to blockchain pilot projects and pushes new prototypes, international partnerships and project implementations to encourage companies and startups in the blockchain industry.

If you are interested in working in the blockchain sector, then here we list ten promising Amsterdam-based startups that you can work for as sourced from Dealroom.


Founders: Valery Vavilov
Funding: €155 million

In 2011, BirFury Group was founded with the mission to make the world more reliable and transparent by innovating at the hardware, software and security levels. It is now the world’ leading full-service blockchain technology company. It is a leading infrastructure and security provider for blockchain and designs and products innovative hardware to keep blockchain and cryptocurrencies secure.


Founders: Chris R. Dawe, Nick Vogel
Funding: €11 million

Effect.AI was founded in 2015 with the object to build a platform that simulates AI development and create several AI services. It works on a decentralised network of Artificial Intelligence. This platform offers freedom and accessibility and is easy to use when it comes to the development and distribution of AI services. Last year, it launched the private beta of the project’s first phase dubbed Effect Force.


Founders: Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof

BitNation established in 2014 is the world’s first virtual nation. It has hosted the world’s first blockchain birth certificate, marriage, world citizenship, refugee emergency ID and more. It includes blockchain ID and public notary and is used by tens of thousands of citizens and embassies across the world.

Internet of Coins

Founders: Joachim De Koning, Robert de Groot

Internet of Coins operates with the mission to keep cryptocurrency financially and politically decentralised. The company is building an open and decentralised crypto-ecosystem. Since 2014, it believes in creating a diverse and plural crypto-ecosystem. Currently, its cryptocurrency wallet supports a wide variety of coins, tokens and blockchains.

Nxt Blockchain

Parent company: Jelurida

Nxt Blockchain is an advanced blockchain platform founded in 2013. It’s Parent company Jelurida was founded by Lior Yaffe, Kristina Kalcheva and Petko Petkov. It revolutionises the financial technology, governance and crowdfunding industries. It provides them with groundbreaking Nxt cryptocurrency and a modular and powerful toolset that lets users create applications based on their requirements.


Founders: Ad Rietberg

Coin22 founded in 2016 uses fintech and blockchain technology. It disrupts public funding and private lending via earmarked blockchain and finance. The platform enables mobile money payments to phones across the world in a fast, easy and transparent manner. The platform offers risk reduction and works on trailblasing two-tokens blockchain architecture to facilitate micro-payments and conditional global transactions.


Founders: Jonathan Knegtel, Lucas Schweiger, Niels Lucker
Funding: €200k

Blockdata, which exists since 2018 is a database of objective information about projects, companies, tokens and products in the blockchain ecosystem. The company is designed to be used for anyone who wants to understand and research blockchain technology. It focuses on publishing the fundamental aspects of the technology and aims to be the first one that people will approach to look for details on blockchain projects.


Founders: Marcel Makken, Jelle van der Ploeg, Arjeh van Oijen, Arjen Schaap

Founded in 2016, unchain.io offers an easy to use, secure and highly scalable platform to unlock the complete potential of blockchain. It created an enterprise-grade solution called Blockchain Gateway to let organisations integrate their devices and applications with blockchain networks securely, quickly and easily.


Founders: Kai Bennink, Sebastiaan Lichter, Zowie Langdon
Funding: €13.5 million

In 2017, Blockport was founded to build a user-friendly exchange connecting socially with trading. It lets people trade cryptocurrency effortlessly. It helps them adapt to the new and emerging digital economy and wants to let everyone access cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Ledger Leopard BV

Founders: Jeroen van Megchelen

Ledger Leopard is a rapidly growing international blockchain company founded in 2017. The company has a team of experts with both an entrepreneurial mindset and professional experience. The company aims to disrupt industries with blockchain technology. It believes that all organisations should leverage blockchain technology and use its API-based blockchain platform to build their own decentralised applications.

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