Amsterdam-based chatbot startup Maxwell raises around half a million euros funding

Amsterdam-based chatbot startup Maxwell raises around half a million euros funding

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Chatbots are getting mainstream in almost all domains and are revolutionising the interactions between humans and computers. Basically, chatbots are virtual assistants that transform the overall customer service landscape. These are making it relatively easier to execute tasks and have brought a great level of convenience. The rapid progress of Artificial Intelligence contributes to the adoption and expansion of chatbots across the world.

While chatbots are meant to offer better customer engagement, an Amsterdam-based chatbot startup Maxwell wants to make buying via chat as normal as swiping a credit card. This startup was founded in 2017 by Asbjørn Ingemann Jørgensen and Bas Wind.

Maxwell raises €400k funding

In a recent development, Dutch chatbot startup Maxwell hit the headlines as it has raised €400k funding. The investment comes from the Dutch government and River Venture Partners. The company claims that the amount will be used to build tools that will make it easy to engage shoppers on WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

Built a messenger marketing platform!

Maxwell has developed a messenger marketing platform for Shopify-based online stores. Its platform includes steps such as cart reminder, checkout to review and more to customers. It already works with Messenger and is in plans to add Instagram and WhatsApp later this year.

Better engagement rates than email marketing!

Maxwell bootstrapped the development of the messaging platform by offering custom chatbot services to brands such as Catawiki, Dutch Railways, Hellofresh and The company generated €200k as the initial revenue. Later, they learned about the marketing potential of messaging apps by experimenting with various use cases and realised that they can help boost sales of online stores via higher engagement rates than email marketing.

Available on Shopify App Store

Since last month, they are available on the Shopify App Store and over 800,000 merchants can access it. This way, they can gain access to abandoned car recovery via Messenger. The goal of this startup is to power the complete customer journey starting from discovery to checkout and product review.

How Maxwell is different from other chatbots?

The co-founder Asbjørn Jørgensen stated, “Shoppers don’t really want to chit-chat with chatbots and their value in addressing complex customer service issues is limited. We realised very quickly that our focus should be on re-engaging customers and boosting sales.” Many clients who use this chatbot from Maxwell have witnessed increased sales to a great margin, thanks to its context-aware functionality.

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