Businesses in the Netherlands just got an extra 1.1M potential customers

Businesses in the Netherlands just got an extra 1.1M potential customers

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Last month, POS supplier, Lightspeed, announced its integration with the largest savings platform in the Netherlands, Piggy Loyalty. Thanks to this, buying and selling have become more convenient for both business owners and customers, making it a win-win situation for both parties.

The Integration

More than 50,000 retailers, hotels and restaurant owners worldwide use Lightspeed. The app itself is a powerful cloud-based checkout system for online and offline growth, and business management.

Just to name some of its features, it offers information regarding the cost of each unit and dusty inventory data. In addition to this, the company also provides training for you and your staff and has a customer service that’s available even up to 2:00 AM in the morning.

On the other hand, the Piggy Loyalty is the largest savings platform in the Netherlands has more than 1.1 million consumers. It provides a convenience that’s beneficial towards both the entrepreneurs and consumers.

With the consumers, instead of having to use different stamp cards, seal books, or loyalty cards for various stores, they will only have to use one Piggy savings card, basically making it an all-in-one card. In addition to this, in case the customer loses his/her card, that won’t be a problem because the card is linked to the owner’s email address. Meanwhile, for the business owners, they will be provided with a well-organized dashboard and will no longer have to worry about passes, cards, and stamps.

A Win-Win Situation

Thanks to the integration, both entrepreneurs and customers will no doubt get what they want. The businesses that use Lightspeed will have an extra 1.1 million potential customers because the customers themselves will have to use the points on their Piggy savings card/account. Meanwhile, the customers would be able to avail the discounted products and services offered by the businesses that use Lightspeed.

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