Dutch proptech company SKEPP plans expansion in Austria, France, Switzerland and Spain

Dutch proptech company SKEPP plans expansion in Austria, France, Switzerland and Spain

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SKEPP, a Dutch proptech company recently launched an online comparison website for office space. Now, the startup aims to expand its presence in the international market in the years to come. After being successful in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, the company is all set to make its presence felt in Austria, France, Switzerland and Spain.

Since 2013, SKEPP has bought numerous companies with progressive office providers. In 2017, the company made a plunge into expansion and stepped into neighbouring countries such as Belgium and Germany. Following the same, it went on with other markets such as Spain, France, Switzerland and Austria.

The expansion spree of the company has been supported by the rapidly growing flexible office market across the world. In the US, the flexible office market has witnessed over 20% growth on an annual basis since 2010, claims JLL. And, it is now proliferating in Europe.

Guided tours in virtual reality

Leaving the expansion plans aside, SKEPP founded in 2010 offers a unique user experience to its users. It offers guided tours in virtual reality for its users. Users requesting a digital tour of an office building will get VR glasses. Moreover, a real estate consultant from SKEPP will guide the user remotely through the building. This way, companies need not spend days in looking out for the new offices.

Customized digital interior design

Once a user receives a rental offer after the tour, SKEPP will assign a personal designer to create a digital interior design for the chosen office space as per the plan in the user’s mind. The user can immediately purchase the design and the interior at SKEPP. There are 3 options for the furnishing – rent, rental-purchase and an option to buy. While the rent option lets users scale up and scale down the furniture in a click, the buy and rental purchase options will let users always scale up.

Opens up vacancies

Given that the Dutch proptech company is expanding its footprint in many countries, it is looking out for Acquisition Managers to handle the startup in several countries.

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