Dutch tech startups: The most impressive funding wins of 2018

Dutch tech startups: The most impressive funding wins of 2018

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The Netherlands is one of the countries that has a booming startup ecosystem. The country not only encourages its residents interested in becoming entrepreneurs but also provides the visa to entrepreneurs from other regions. Eventually, it has become a thriving ecosystem for the businesses.

With the increased support for the startups and entrepreneurs, there is no denying that the country is home to an array of startups including popular ones such as Booking.com. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the Netherlands is a frontrunner in the startup industry in Europe. To support the startups, the country also has venture capital companies and other investors.

As we are approaching the end of this year, here we list out some of the biggest funding rounds that happened in the Netherlands in 2018.

#1 Bitfury ($80 million)

Founder: Valery Vavilov
Founded: 2011
Funding Round: $80 million in November 2018
Investor: Final Frontier

Amsterdam-based Bitfury is a blockchain technology developer. Bitfury is involved in delivering computer technologies and software solutions for businesses and governments to deploy real-life blockchain business solutions. It is behind blockchain projects such as Exonum and LightningPeach.

#2 Framer ($24 million)

Founders: Koen Bok and Jorn Dijk
Founded: 2013
Funding Round: $24 million in November 2018
Investors: Atomico, Accel and AngelList in Series B funding round

Framer based in Amsterdam is an interactive design prototyping startup. It is the startup behind Framer X, an interactive design platform. Besides the funding, the company announced the beta launch of Team Store, a new private design store meant for teams.

#3 Tiqets ($23 million)

Founder: Luuc Elzinga
Founded: 2014
Funding Round: $23 million in November 2018
Investor: HPE Growth Capital in Series B funding round

Tiqets is a scaleup with its presence in several markets across the world. It is a ticket booking platform for museums and attractions all over the world. It lets global audience book tickets using mobile technology.

#4 Xenikos ($30 million)

Founder: Ypke van Oosterhout
Founded: 2009
Funding Round: $30 million in May 2018
Investors: Medicxi and RA Capital Management in Series B funding round

Xenikos based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, is a biotech company involved in developing alternative medicine from the action of antibodies offering immune strength quickly. It aims to develop new life-saving immunotherapy medicines.

#5 Ohpen ($25 million)

Founder: Chris Zadeh
Founded: 2009
Funding Round: $25 million in February 2018
Investor: Amerborgh in Series C funding round

Ohpen is a cloud-based SaaS core banking provider. It uses core banking engine in order to deliver SaaS and BPO services and solutions to financial service providers like banks, asset managers and insurance companies.

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