Epicenter, the house of digital innovation is now open in Amsterdam

Epicenter, the house of digital innovation is now open in Amsterdam

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Recent research shows that The Netherlands will face a shortage of 54,000 IT employees by 2020. It is for this reason that the Epicenter and School of Applied Technology also known as < /salt> has launched a career-program for programmers with track-record in diversity. This program was launched right in time of opening the Epicenter in Amsterdam.

The career-program was launched by Douwe Dirks, Country Manager at Epicenter Amsterdam along with Richard Andemark, the co-founder of < / salt>. It revolves around digital innovation and the ecosystem for digital companies and corporates that are focused on expanding. For now, Epicenter operates in Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, and Amsterdam.

Douwe Dirks said, “The Dutch economy is growing, partly due to the success of the tech sector. For this, programmers are required, though there is a huge shortage. This is why we, with < /salt>, a leading JavaScript-educator, aim to solve this shortage. By inviting Dutch people with various backgrounds to apply to this program, we can, hopefully, diversify the tech sector. We are pleased to launch this program, together with < / salt>, during our official opening.”

Aimed at fast-paced development of programmers

The co-founder of < / salt> sold his previous company to Microsoft with the intention to resolve the shortage of IT professionals. The career-program for programmers aims to convert their interest into technology into a job. It lasts for three months and does not charge participants any upfront cost. Interestingly, 90% of those participants who succeed get a job as a programmer as the company employs them. Already, the company has trained 90 students in Stockholm and helped them become Full Stack JavaScript-programmers.

Next schedule of Epicenter program

Both < / salt> and Epicenter aim to recruit nearly 30 participants who will undergo a selection procedure. The program commences in January and they will graduate three months later, which is in April. Among 90 participants of earlier programs in Sweden, 40% were female and were from 20 countries.

Here’s more about career-program

The career-program was launched at the opening of Epicenter in Amsterdam amidst innovative companies such as Antler and Vattenval, the parent company of Nuon. Also, there were speakers from Singularity University and RobotWise.

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