Helping you pet: 10 innovative tech startups in Europe to take good care of your furry friend

Helping you pet: 10 innovative tech startups in Europe to take good care of your furry friend

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Pet services are serious startup ideas these days as the market across the world is booming. There is a constant increase in the number of households that have pets. Also, the spending on pets has seen a surge of late. Apparently, this has boosted the business of pet-related products and services to a great extent.

As the business ecosystem has always made use of the current trend, there are many pet tech startups that have come up with pet-related services. If you own a pet and looking forward to pet food or services in Europe, then here’s a handful of innovative startups offering similar services.


Barkibu (France)

Founders – Pablo Pazos, Enrique Torrest and Patricia Seoane

Funding – €2.2 million

Barkibu was launched in 2015 in France with the intention to offer the necessary care that the pets around the world need to live a happy and healthy life. It teaches pet owners to take proper care by connecting their pets with veterinary professionals quickly and easily via its app. The French pet tech startup believes that animals make better people.

ePetWorld (Munich)

Founders – Stefan Pfannmöller

Funding – €18 million

ePetWorld founded in 2012 in Munich is a leading online marketplace of pet food and accessories for dogs and cats. In 2016, it was acquired by pets Premium to form a new company called Alphabet Ventures. The founders of both companies join to become CEOs of the new venture. The new venture is one of the leading multi-brand platform in Germany for high-quality pet supplies.

Tailwise (London)

Founders – Dan Baird and Sam Worthy

Funding – €240k

Founded in 2017 in London, Tailwise is a platform, which matches dog buyers and verified breeders. This pet tech startup allows dog seekers to set up a profile and details their homelife, dog preferences and lifestyle along with the reason why they want a dog. The Dog Seeker profile is used to match them with a verified and safe breeder. It aims to prevent buying pups from puppy farms.

Mascoteros (Barcelona)

Founders – Demis Torres

Funding – €1.8 million

Mascoteros established in 2016 in Barcelona is the first marketplace for pets in Spain. It is a unique app to find the best and widest range of pet products. It lists products and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, horses and rodents. These products are made using high-quality materials and are durable as well as safe.

HouseMyDog (London)

Founders – James McElory and Timothy McElroy

Funding – €720k

Founded in 2015 in London, HouseMyDog is an online platform letting dog owners find and book trusted and local dog walkers and sitters. It has offices across London, Berlin and Dublin. Dog owners can choose from hundreds of professional pet sitters who will be able to mind their dog in their home.

Dinbeat (Barcelona)

Founders – Talia Bonmati and Javier Saenz de Navarrete Ribera

Funding – €50k

Dinbeat founded in 2016 in Barcelona. It aims to contribute to the wellbeing of pets and improving communication with their owners with innovative products. It has developed a wearable device called DinbeatPRO to monitor the health of pets in veterinary facilities. It also lets vets continuously monitor them and provide real-time and best medical assistance.

Snau (Spain)

Founders – Alex Andreu, Dado Diez-Hochleitner, Kevin Costa Rorhbach, Manuel Adrian Sierra

Funding – €310k

Founded in 2016 in Spain, Snau is a pet tech startup. It is an online marketplace providing dog services such as training, walking, grooming and sitting. The dog sitters and walkers will take care of your pets when you are away on a vacation and the startup will give them the space for the same as well.

Dogley (Copenhagen)

Founders – Frank Thorup and Thomas Kastrup Keller

Funding – €180k

Based in Copenhagen, Dogley was founded in 2016. It is a dog-friendly alternative that provides car to pets. The startup makes it easy to find responsible and caring dog passers who will take care of your dog in private and safe surroundings. It is possible to find an approved dog sitter right in your locality with this startup. You can book and pay online and also get insurance coverage during the care.

Holidog (France)

Founders – Stéphane Degré

Funding – €140k

Holidog founded in 2012 is a leading digital brand for pet care services in Europe. It is comprises community of members that transform the lives of pets as well as their owners. Its user-friendly platform lets pet owners find pet sitters, nannies, trainers and dog walkers close to their home.

VetCloud (London)

Founders – Ivan Vesic, Milan Djordjevic and Sejdinovic Mirza

Funding – €660k

VetCloud was founded in 2012 in London. It is a cloud-based veterinary practice management and client communication. Its platform has a patient timeline providing a glance at the patients and makes it easy to manage notes, labels, refills, lab results, reminders, invoices, images, etc.

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