5 innovative European sci-tech startups you should know about in 2019

5 innovative European sci-tech startups you should know about in 2019

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Undoubtedly, Sci-Tech startups are synonyms with the future of the industry.  In fact, a number of small and agile companies are coming up with solutions to a wide variety of problems arising around the world.

Generally, the growth of the industry is reflected in the increase in investments by investors. Well, we have seen the industry grown tremendously with various investment tools.

In this regard, a few days back, Sachs Associates organised the 12th Annual European Life Sciences CEO Forum in Zurich, Switzerland. At this event, more than 350 delegates participated and also features around 60 corporate presentations from established and emerging biotech firms.

As part of EIT Health’s work to support startups in connecting with industry investors, they have supported five startups to pitch, where they will enjoy a high-profile audience for their innovations. EIT Health’s Director of Business Creation, Dr Kurt Höller, will be participating in a panel on early-stage investment at the 12th annual version of the conference.

“This is a spectacular opportunity for our startups to gain exposure in front of a global audience that includes leaders from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries,” said EIT Health’s Dr Höller. “We are proud to be sponsoring these five exciting startups and we know their innovations will stand out as well as demonstrate how the EIT Health network works together towards the shared goal of improving lives in Europe.”

Below are just a few exciting Sci-tech startups breaking new ground in artificial intelligence, and machine learning to combat some of the healthcare challenges in the world.

Ares Genetics GmbH (Austria)

Ares Genetics GmbH is taking infectious disease diagnostics to the next level by using artificial intelligence-based DNA testing in order to improve treatment of infections and thereby help to fight the serious threat posed by antibiotic resistance.

“One-and-a-half years into business, we are not only already making revenue from research services and licensing including partnerships with Sandoz and QIAGEN, but we have also teamed up with one of the world’s largest next-generation sequencing providers and initiated technology evaluation with a globally leading diagnostics company”, said Dr. Andreas Posch, Managing Director & CEO of Ares Genetics.

Gasgon Medical (Ireland)

Gasgon Medical is a startup from Ireland that is overcoming the challenge of managing gas bubbles that cause harm, including stroke and heart attack, during common IV infusions. They are developing a unique technology that can reliably vent gas from IV fluids in the line without reducing the medicine dose.

“EIT Health has been instrumental in helping us in progressing our technology and reduce time to market”, said Vincent Forde, CEO, Gasgon Medical. “EIT Health provided us with a ‘Headstart’ grant in 2018, and we are now accessing the wider EIT Health supports, such as ‘Test Labs’ and mentoring services, with ambitions to scale into test markets across Europe by early 2020. We will use the platform to highlight the important clinical challenge we are solving with Gasgon technology and open doors to partners who can help us in our ambition to enhance healthcare and improve patient outcomes across the globe.”

iConcipio (London)

iConcipio’s digital solution (MePlusMe) serves higher education institutions by providing students with personalised support to improve their mental health and study skills. Their innovation offers tailor-made solutions to students that are aligned with their real-time challenges and needs.

“EIT Health has been a key source of information for us regarding funding opportunities and other suitable programmes and is our most valuable go-to contact. Receiving funding from EIT Health to participate in the CEO Forum in Zurich might well lead us to our next big milestone of raising funds to fully develop our system and launch, which we are eagerly working towards every day, said Dr Patapia Tzotzoli, CEO & Founder of iConcipio Ltd.”

Surge-on Medical (The Netherlands)

Surge-on Medical has developed the next generation of minimally invasive surgical instruments with cable-free technology that provides better access to surgical areas and replaces current pre-bent instrumentation. Surge-on Medical has been granted four international patents for the innovations used in making minimally invasive instruments that are steerable, detachable and cleanable.

“Surge-on Medical has received valuable support from EIT Health in the past years,” said Benno Groosman, CEO & co-founder of Surge-on Medical. “With the ‘Proof of Concept’ grant, Surge-on Medical could bring the PoLaRS (Portable Laparoscopy Robot System) to the proof of concept phase. We have also benefited from the support of the EIT Health network by being able to develop new partnerships to drive our business forward including being connected with distribution and manufacturing partners. Last but not least, Surge-on Medical will be the first company to be launched via EIT Health and aescuvest’s crowdfunding platform, which is the first of its kind in Europe.

Climedo (Germany)

Climedo accelerates the introduction of personalised therapies by providing an intelligent platform for digitally connected medical research. Climedo is unique in that it offers rich functionality for electronic data capture, query management and real-time monitoring. As a result, it demonstrably increases the efficiency, quality and transparency of clinical trials.

“EIT Health has been an invaluable partner for us. Next, to the great financial support we received, we also get ongoing support, mentorship and new business opportunities from their amazing team and network of industry experts”, says Veronika Schweighart, CEO & co-founder of Climedo. “After developing our solution together with the leading European university hospitals such as the Charité in Berlin, we are now expanding our service to the biotech & pharma industry. We see the CEO Forum as a great “matchmaking” platform to connect a variety of stakeholders, who are all driven to bring healthcare innovation to life.”

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