These 10 visionary European startups want to help you combat depression with tech

These 10 visionary European startups want to help you combat depression with tech

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Mental health is a serious issue that is overlooked in many cases. It affects the lives of people, their career and the entire society as well. As per reports, mental health problems such as anxiety disorders, depression, etc. affect over one in six people in Europe. To compact the effects on the well-being of the affected people, it is vital to promote early diagnosis and treatment, which will improve the lives of millions.

In an attempt to help people deal with mental health issues, many startups have cropped up. These startups leverage new technologies offering people the help they need in an efficient and faster way. There are many such startups in Europe that revolutionise the mental health sector and help those affected combat issues such as depression. Today, we have listed 10 challenging European health tech startups that will treat mental disorders and improve well-being as sourced from Dealroom.

Big Health (UK)

Founders: Colin Espie, Peter Hames
Funding: €13.9 million

Big Health exists since 2010 with the purpose of helping millions of people get back to good mental health. The company does this by creating automated and personalised behavioural programs. Its solutions are designed by leading experts in anxiety and sleep disorders and feature CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) techniques. One of its products – Daylight helps individuals address their anxiety and worry concerns.

Medigold Health (UK)

Founders: Alex Goldsmith, Michael Goldsmith
Funding: €11.4 million

Established in 1998, Medigold Health is a leading provider of well-being services in the UK. It has been offering healthcare services for employees. While this company offers many health-related services, it provides mental health support to employees. The company offers the right well-being and mental health assistance and provides individual counselling to them either over phone or face-to-face.

Psious (Spain)

Founders: Xavier Palomer
Funding: €10.1 million

Pisous, a Spanish behavioural health tech company founded in 2014 takes the Virtual Reality path to treat mental health issues. This platform provides mental health professionals with live and animated environments that can be used in clinical practice. The platform provides over 50 resources including Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 360-degree videos, etc. These are used to treat anxiety disorders and phobias and practice relaxation techniques.

Meru Health (Finland)

Founders: Albert Nazander, Kristian Ranta, Riku Lindholm
Funding: €4.8 million

Meru Health is in operations since 2015 with the mission to enhance lives of those who are suffering from depression. The company founded by experienced scientists and entrepreneurs is involved in the development and delivery of cost-effective, engaging and clinically-proven digital solutions to empower people who suffer from depression.

P1vital (UK)

Management Team: Dr. Colin Dourish, Dr. Gerry Dawson, Jonathan Kingslake
Funding: €4.1 million

P1vital provides a comprehensive and unique range of CRO services in CNS Experimental Medicine. Founded in 2004, their study delivery services let clients make more effective and rapid decisions in developing CNS compounds. It is an innovative company specialising in experimental medicine and therapies to treat several issues including anxiety and depression apart from eating disorders, cognitive disorders and obesity.

Healios (UK)

Founders: Rich Andrews
Funding: €2.6 million

Founded in 2013, Healios is one of the leading digital healthcare technology companies that work to empower patients and their families. Healios operates with the mission to transform how care is delivered to those who are affected. It aims to provide them a better quality of life, develop a new level of understanding and sustain healthier habits.

TalkLife (UK)

Founders: Andrew Montesi, Jacob White, Jamie Druitt
Funding: €1.2 million

TalkLife is an ambitious peer-to-peer support network founded in 2012. The company has been built to help millions of people who are struggling with mental disorders. TalkLife uses best elements of social networking merged with peer-to-peer and connect people across the world forming an encouraging and safe environment. The company works along with the best machine learning and psychology minds to predict and launch digital interventions at risk.

Flow (Sweden)

Founders: Daniel Månsson, Erik Rehn
Funding: €1 million

Flow Neuroscience has recently invented a new, medication-free treatment for depression. The device features a brain simulation headset and therapy app. Founded in 2016, the company launched the device in the UK with similar outcomes as anti-depressants and fewer side effects. Flow is classified as a Class Iia medical device meant to be used as a way to treat depression.

Ahum (Sweden)

Founders: Fredrik Sandin, Johan Thuresson
Funding: €750k

Ahum founded in 2015 is aimed at those who are experiencing some type of psychological problem. The company also helps those who want to develop and improve themselves on a personal level by creating self-awareness and in need of someone to talk. Ahum is licensed by the National Board of Health and Welfare and psychotherapists and psychologists are affiliated with the service.

BlueCall (Sweden)

Founders: Caroline Rödén, Lisa Löfgren, Tamara Wilfinger
Funding: €670k

BlueCall founded in 2016 has entered the booming e-health sector with a new solution to the rising global problem – mental health-related issues. The company provides affordable, instant and anonymous therapy counselling via an app. Affected people can talk or chat with professionals to make them feel better via the app.

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