Here’s why Wunderman bought majority stake in Haarlem-based martech company Emark

Here’s why Wunderman bought majority stake in Haarlem-based martech company Emark

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Recently, several news publications reported about New York City-based digital agency Wunderman’s (WPP) acquiring a majority stake of Dutch marketing technology company Emark. With that, one of the questions that people wondered about is the reason behind the strategic move.

Here’s Why!

Although we can’t list all of the exact reasons why WPP chose to buy a majority stake of Emark, we can at least point out one very obvious reason based on opinions by industry experts. The Haarlem-based marketing tech company Emark founded in 2000 highly specialises in providing marketing and advertising technology solutions for companies seeking a more data-driven, personalised customer interaction. Meanwhile, WPP is a digital advertising agency.

According to Xeno Grimmelt, a partner and investor in Emark Hartenlust Group mentioned that since their investment in 2015, Emark has shown a strong growth which then led the company to a dominant market position. In this day and age, CRM and data management are what’s hot, and Emark is one of the companies that really know to handle this well and understands the ins and outs of it.

Furthermore, even Salesforce, an American cloud computing company that’s ranked first in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For in 2018, also took in a small stake half a years ago on Emark. They clearly saw the Haarlem-based company’s potential immediately took advantage of it.

With this reason alone, one can see that investors would want to bet their money on such company with so much potential. It wouldn’t be surprising to see that after 5 to 10 years down the line, Emark would be even more successful as it is.

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