History Search: Here’s how this Rotterdam startup helps to retrieve your information online

History Search: Here’s how this Rotterdam startup helps to retrieve your information online

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These days, you can get all the information with just a few taps using the internet. As the use of the internet increases, there is no denying that it will be convenient to keep all the details at your fingertips. This is what the Dutch startup History Search intends to do.

History Search has launched a new way to keep the online information right at your fingertips. History Search is a part of Rotterdam based Convergate B.V. founded by the internet entrepreneur Martijn Verbove.

What the startup does?

With this startup, you can keep your information organised on the web. It is done by indexing the text on the web pages automatically while browsing and making it searchable with any keyword that you remember. Basically, History Search saves your time every time you need to open a web page.

Internet users worldwide visit nearly 15,000 web pages a year, claims History Search. The company saves your valuable time and prevents the annoyances in retrieving the documents, content and information online. It helps you quickly and easily access the information available on the web.

Works with a browser extension

History Search makes it possible with the help of browser extensions. You need to install browser extensions that let you index the contents of web pages directly during the visit and make the web pages searchable. It works in a similar fashion as the search feature on computers. Notably, it is available for the commonly used web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge and is easy to install.

It lets you search across 3000 most recently visited web pages for free of cost. If you need to search older records, then you will have to opt for a paid subscription starting $3.99 (approx. €3.41) per month. The company states that the extension is used by over 3500 users of which 2100 users are active on a weekly basis.

One of first Edge browser extensions

What’s unique about History Search for Microsoft Edge is that the company will be among the first 100 companies to have published a browser extension for Edge in the Microsoft Store. Eventually, the extension will be accessible to over 330 million devices running the Windows OS.

Encrypted cloud storage available

Those at the company believe that internet users need better access to the information that is available. History Search launched the first test version in the spring of 2015 and they have worked with 3500 beta users to realise this final version that is available for millions of users. The final version has many features on a unique infrastructure that will capture text on the previously visited web pages and make the same searchable. Notably, a part of the infrastructure is an encrypted cloud storage with 256-bits encryption. It also uses other technologies that protect the data.

Martijn Verbove, founder of History Search said, “History Search helps Internet users to be more productive online, by quickly retrieving previously viewed information for them. Similar to the search on a computer, History Search makes sure that everything can be retrieved immediately using keywords, but then online. For example, History Search helps students and researchers to access research materials, online shoppers to organise clothing items across multiple webshops and marketers by retrieving their emails or digital content.”

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