Rising stars: 5 innovative Dutch IoT startups that deserve your attention in 2019

Rising stars: 5 innovative Dutch IoT startups that deserve your attention in 2019

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The startup ecosystem in the Netherlands is evolving rapidly making it one of the prominent markets for business in Europe. There are startups across various categories in the country. And, IoT (Internet of Things) has not been left untouched. The Netherlands has a promising scenario for IoT startups.

Like the other startups, even the IoT companies have received funding from investors across the world aimed at further development growth. These IoT devices are connected to the internet and can be controlled remotely. And, this market is booming right now when everything is becoming smart.

Here, we list five innovative Dutch IoT startups as sourced from Dealroom. These startups are all set to take the Netherlands startup ecosystem to the next level.

Olisto (Amsterdam)

Founders – Arjen Noorbergen, Tom Meijeraan
Funding – €2.3 million

Olisto was founded in 2015 and let’s connect devices, apps and services to make them work together. With Olisto integration, you can integrate the company’s rule engine with your own app or service. This integration is possible with a few lines of coding and opens up limitless possibilities. You can control different products, make complex scenarios and add voice-control from within the app.

DashTag (Rotterdam)

Founders – Cliff de Roode, Dirk van den Berg, Epco Berger
Funding – €1.9 million

DashTag has developed Dash providing stats for individual soccer players. Founded in 2015, the device tracks their progress and share it with their coaches, scouts and friends. Their personal data can be synced in the DastTag app to provide instant access to personalised stats after practice and game sessions.

Nowi (Delft)

Founders – Omar Link, Simon Jagt
Funding – €2.5 million

Founded in 2015, Nowi is a semiconductor startup. It is a chipmaker for IoT devices and has developed a chip that enables IoT devices such as sensors and smartwatches. Nowi technology enables companies to use the available energy around the device. It can be anything such as heat, light, movement and even radio waves. The energy around us can be used to power the IoT devices.

Travis (Rotterdam)

Founders – Lennart van der Ziel, Nick NM Yap, Brend Kouwenhoven
Funding – €1.1 million

Travis exists since 2017 in Rotterdam. The company has shipped over 120,000 devices across the world in one year of its launch. The objective of this startup is to create a language movement by eliminating communication blocks and barriers. Earlier this year, Travis launched new editions of its translators for travel and business users.

TicTag (Utrecht)

Founders – Pieter Heersink
Funding – €800k

TicTag founded in 2015 aims to help people carry out their daily routines without the hassle of taking their cards, keys or wallets with them. As of now, the company targets at leisure, retail and engineering industries. It will also focus on automotive, payments and security industries in the future.

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