Dutch startup collaborates with KPN and Microsoft Azure Stack to deploy secure blockchain projects

Dutch startup collaborates with KPN and Microsoft Azure Stack to deploy secure blockchain projects

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Blockchain and x-as-a-service (X being anything) are two hottest terms in the technology industry of late. Apparently, startups to major IT giants are bringing out innovations in these technologies to come up with new use cases. One such blockchain startup is unchain.io based in Amsterdam.

Tech startup unchain.io has announced a collaboration with KPN and Microsoft to offer The Blockchain Gateway in a Blockchain-as-a-service-stack. KPN and unchian.io work jointly to offer a ready-to-use stack of technology to help in building and deploying blockchain projects.

Secure blockchain integration platform

The Blockchain Gateway of unchain.io is a computer software that integrates various applications and services for developers to use to connect their existing devices and applications with multiple blockchain networks. It is a high-quality blockchain integration platform offering a secure and scalable solution for organizations.

In March this year, unchain.io released the early access to The Blockchain Gateway. And, select organizations are already using the blockchain integration platform to connect to the blockchain networks.

Aimed at simplifying blockchain implementations

The combination of Microsoft Azure Stack and The Blockchain Gateway by unchain.io provide an easy-to-use and an enterprise-grade reliable platform to build and rollout blockchain projects. KPN provides blockchain as a service based on Microsoft Azure Stack via KPN InternetServices. It is looking forward to grow its blockchain service offerings as a part of the Hybrid Cloud Services.

Natalia Mackevicius, Director of Azure Stack, Microsoft Corp stated, “We’re proud that KPN looks to Microsoft Azure Stack as their trusted hybrid cloud foundation for their initiative with unchain.io, applying our cloud-based services into value-add solutions to meet their customer needs. Microsoft is committed to helping our customers simplify blockchain technology and implementations.”

A myriad of applications and use cases

This announcement of unchain.io with KPN and Microsoft Azure Stack, marks the Dutch startup’s active engagement in building an ecosystem of technology partners. With this collaboration, unchain.io can grow an international network, which will leverage its technology in blockchain initiatives such as PoC (Proof of Concepts), Pilot and production in consortia, enterprise and governments.

There is a clear need to take defined use cases into a PoC in a cost-effective and easy manner in the blockchain marketplace. This is what unchain.io wants to achieve by offering a trusted and user-friendly environment.

Filecoin ICO

The Dutch startup received an early funding from the Blockchain investor Han de Groot, who is an early investor in Filecoin, that managed to raise €208 million during its ICO. Notably, ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, which is a form of crowdfunding used by Blockchain projects.

In addition to this, unchain has access to a good network of connections and solid funding. It signed an agreement with Vattenfall, a Swedish power company owned by the government of Sweden to develop a scalable blockchain PoC for energy industries to share knowledge on blockchain technology.

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