Meet the Amsterdam Business School Pitching Competition winners

Meet the Amsterdam Business School Pitching Competition winners

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Last week the final round took place of a semester-long startup competition among students participating in the Amsterdam Business School’s Entrepreneurship minor program. The competition was organized by the Amsterdam Business School (part of the University of Amsterdam) in cooperation with The Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and ACE Venture Lab.

This finals round was organized by Hit N Run, an event agency created by the minor Entrepreneurship at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Their participation is a sign of successful synergy between the business divisions of the UvA and the HvA.

Amsterdam HitNRun

Candy & Coathangers

Winners of the 500 Euro Jury Prize were three young ladies by the name of Jollipop, who are about to make the world a healthier place by launching a sweet treat packed with superfoods. Jollipop claims their all natural vitamin lollipops “bring health and happiness together”. The key ingredient is a South-American berry called camu camu – a well known superfood with a very high vitamin C content.


The 250 euro Audience Award went to Lot and his colorful decorated clothes hangers. By selling these to retail stores, Lot aims to raise money to help the homeless people in Amsterdam.

Aspiring entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurship minor program is accessible for all university students. During this program tomorrow’s talents are introduced to all aspects of entrepreneurship. Students are divided into teams who are all appointed coaches. The aspiring entrepreneurs also get to attend lectures by inspiring guest speakers who all have successful business backgrounds. An overview of all the bright ideas that the participants in the competition came up with can be seen at

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