These 5 Dutch tech startups aim for social good

These 5 Dutch tech startups aim for social good

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Every year, Chivas Venture offers $1 million to the social entrepreneurs generating profit alongside leaving a positive impact on the environment. It isn’t a contest for the startups but a call to action. It is a competition for the social and impact entrepreneurs who want to make the world a beautiful place to live in besides making money.

Today, five Dutch social startups will take the stage to pitch their ideas before the jury of Chivas Venture. The judges will have a panel discussion and Q&A with The Next Web’s Sebastien Toupy. The winner of Chivas Venture Netherlands in 2019 will also be announced at the event.

Silicon Canals has come up with the five finalists who will pitch their social enterprises today.

#1 Tykn

Founded in 2016 by Abdullah Almoaiqel, Khalid Maliki, Tey El-Rjula, Tykn uses blockchain-based identification tools to empower NGOs and governments. It builds and designs systems for the registration as well as verification of people. As blockchain is used, it reduces the risk of fraud. Ana is Tykn’s distributed identification system that is built for the registration and verification of humanitarian aid.

#2 Q Layers

Q Layers was founded by Ruben Geutjens and Josefien Groot in Delft. The startup has come up with a portable printing head, which paves way for automatic coating. This increases efficiency by two folds, creates a non-toxic work environment and reduces the cost of the coating to a great extent.

#3 Wasteless

Founded in 2016 in Tel Aviv by Ben Biron, Wasteless developed its own dynamic pricing algorithm for products that have a limited shelf life in an attempt to reduce food waste. Its solution offers a differentiated pricing for grocery goods depending on the expiry date. Recently, the startup completed a €2.4 million funding round led by Amsterdam-based Slingshot Ventures.

#4 Pectcof

Rudi Dieleman founded Pectof in 2011 with an intention to unlock the potential of coffee pulp. The huge amount of coffee waste is a major problem that prevails in the coffee industry. Pectof technology is a makes use of the green chemistry and art biotechnology in the collection and preservation of the coffee pulp, separation and purification of the products and commercialisation in the market.

#5 Smartcrusher

SmartCrusher makes it possible to create a climate neutral circular building with new concrete from concrete waste. The advantageous milling or crushing used by the startup will be clubbed with others under development to make the concrete 100% circular. This technology is said to reduce the carbon footprint considerably.

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