These are 10 cool health tech startups to work for in London

These are 10 cool health tech startups to work for in London

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Healthtech is a booming market that is evolving rapidly. As cutting-edge technology is easily accessible to a majority of people, new treatment methods have emerged. And, these address the needs of the ageing population.

When it comes to the UK, the country has the reputation of being a leading centre for medical technology and other related aspects. There are several startups that are located around the university towns of Oxford and Cambridge. Further, London is also home to numerous healthtech startups. Here, we have listed some notable London-based healthtech startups where you’d love to work, as sourced from Dealroom.

Hinge Health

Founders: Daniel Perez, Gabriel Mecklenburg
Funding: €32.6 million

Founded in 2015, Hinge Health is a digital health company that makes use of both hardware and software to tackle MSK (musculoskeletal) injuries. The startup uses technology such as dedicated software and wearable sensors to remotely deliver physical therapy as well as behavioural health to patients suffering from chronic MSK conditions.


Founders: Dan Vahdat, Rich Khatib
Funding: €26.4 million

Medopad was established in 2011 and develops applications that connect both patients and medical professionals. Its applications collect and organise patient data from wearables, medical databases and other sources and transmit the same securely to doctors. Back in 2018, the company acquired Silicon Valley startup Sherbit and also has offices in San Francisco and New York.

Babylon Health

Founders: Ali Parsa
Funding: €77.3 million

Babylon Health lets users have video consultations with doctors. Founded in 2013, is prepping an AI feature that will talk to the app as it walks users through the symptoms. It is yet to be launched commercially.

Orchard Therapeutics (London)

Founders – Andrea Spezzi, Ben Auspitz
Funding – €280 million

Founded in 2015, Orchard Therapeutics is a leading fully-integrated commercial-stage biotech startup in the world aimed at transforming the lives of patients suffering from rare diseases. The company achieves this by implementing innovative gene therapies. It has partnered with world-leading institutions in gene therapy including University College London, Great Ormond Street Hospital, University of Manchester and Central Manchester University Hospitals to make this possible.


Founders: Bruce Hellman, Ben James
Funding: €2.9 million

Founded in 2012, uMotif is a data capture firm in the healthcare sector. The firm has developed a software platform providing patient-facing technology to capture data and use it for clinical research initiatives. Its technology is used by some pharmaceutical companies in North America and Europe.

Kheiron Medical Technologies

Founders: Peter Kecskemethy, Tobias Rijken
Funding: €12.1 million

Kheiron Medical Technologies exists since 2016 and aims to help patients suffering from breast cancer to live longer and better lives. This is possible via early detection of symptoms. The startup combines deep tech, radiology and data science insights to help doctors detect malignancies in mammograms.

BenevolentAI (London)

Founders: Ken Mulvany
Funding: €195 million

BenevolentAI founded in 2013 transforms the way medicine is designed, developed, and tested. Its platform takes in millions of data points and processes these using Artificial Intelligence and computational medicine. This way, the startup discovers new ways to treat ailments, develop better medicines, learn how patients respond to treatment and generate insights into the actual causes of the disease.


Founders: Amit Khutti, David Meinertz
Funding: €1.3 million

Since its debut in 2011, ZavaMed is working with some of the big names in the industry to treat over 1.5 million treatments across Europe. It provides a convenient and discreet way to offer patients the necessary care they need. Moreover, the startup assures to offer an affordable, fast and 100% confidential way to manage their health.

Cell Medica (London)

Founders: Gregg Sando
Funding: €172 million

Cell Medica founded in 2005 is committed to transforming the lives of cancer patients. The current focus of the startup is to harness the natural biology of a particular subset of cytotoxic T cells dubbed NKT cells (Natural Killer T cells). These cells demonstrate several important biological differences as compared to the T cells. Cell Medica is exploring innovative programs in the field of engineered T Cell therapy.

Autolus (London)

Founders: Martin Pule
Funding: €162 million

Founded in 2014, Autolus makes use of advanced cell programming CAR-T and manufacturing technologies. The startup has established a development-stage pipeline of products that are meant to treat solid tumours and haematological malignancies. This company works with the intention to bring about a revolution in medicines that treat life-threatening diseases.

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