These are the 10 hottest fintech startups to work for in Germany in 2019

These are the 10 hottest fintech startups to work for in Germany in 2019

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Technology has penetrated across all industries thereby transforming all these with digitisation. This rapid progress of digitisation has resulted in a new category called fintech that has revolutionised the financial services industry. Fintech market is booming and several companies are establishing their lead in this sector.

Germany is a fintech powerhouse with it’s capital Berlin being home to many such companies. Some of these German fintech startups are growing at a fast pace and looking out for fresh talent to grow their business further. Here, we have come up with 10 such German fintech startups from Dealroom that are great places to work for in 2019.

N26 Group (Berlin)

Founders – Maximilian Tayenthal, Valentin Stalf
Funding – €466 million

Founded in 2013, N26 Group provides customers in the European Union with mobile banking solutions. It provides international money transfer, investment, cash withdrawal, deposits and overdraft services. This fintech startup lets users manage accounts via any device and facilitates opening an account through a video call with its identity verification partner IDnow.

Taxfix (Berlin)

Founders – Lino Teuteberg, Mathis Büchi
Funding – €41.1 million

Taxfix founded in 2017 is a tax declaration mobile app that supports users throughout the tax declaration process, which ensures that they get the most reimbursement. This tax declaration app doesn’t require users to fill out forms. Users have to answer nearly 70 questions and upload the required documents to provide them with data.

Clark (Frankfurt)

Founders – Dr Christopher Oster and Steffen Glomb
Funding – €42.2 million

Established in 2015, Clark is an insurance platform that offers comprehensive, cheap and transparent insurance cover. This insurance platform is supported by FinTech incubator FinLeap. The startup’s consulting algorithms let users analyse the entire insurance market and enable you to optimise your insurance easily and quickly.

Omni:us (Berlin)

Founders – Eric Pfarl, Harald Gölles, Martin Micko, Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
Funding – €27.8 million

Omni:us is an AI-powered insurtech startup was founded in 2015. The startup developed a cutting-edge AI technology that empowers organisations within the sector innovate and meet the customers’ requirements. It works with industry experts across four continents and is aiming to grow significantly in the US market.

Zeitgold (Berlin)

Founders – Jan Deepen, Kobi Eldar, Stefan Jeschonnek
Funding – €24.2 million

Zeitgold was founded in 2015 to give support to small business owners in their core business decisions with Artificial Intelligence. It can be used to avoid liquidity shortages, make use of untapped revenue opportunities and identify possibilities for cost savings. The AI technology of the company handles all the work.

Moonfare (Berlin)

Founders – Alexander Argyros
Funding – €25 million

Moonfare was launched in 2016 by a team of talented professionals from leading technology and investment companies including Rocket Internet, J.P. Morgan, Apax Partners and KKR. The startup lets individuals directly invest in the leading private equity funds reserved only for institutions. To invest, users have to complete a questionnaire and a background check.


Founders -Melchior Bauer, Lukas Steinhilber, Guy Moller
Funding – €7.4 million

VEHICULUM founded in 2015 has developed a car leasing marketplace. The company has revolutionised the leasing process with comprehensive digitisation. It handles processes ranging from choosing a vehicle to signing a contract. The startup simplifies the vehicle leasing process in a few clicks.

Coya (Berlin)

Founders – Andrew Shaw, Peter Hagen, Sebastian Villarroel
Funding – €36.4 million

Coya that was launched in 2016 aims to become the leading digital property and accident insurer in Europe. It launched Home Contents Insurance, its first product back in September 2018. The startup provides convenient and transparent insurance products at an affordable cost low cost with a customer-centric approach. It is able to offer services at a low cost as it avoids middlemen (insurance agents in this case).

ELEMENT Insurance AG (Berlin)

Founders – Eckhardt Weber, Henning Groß, Inna Leontenkova, Richard Hector, Sascha Herwig, Wolff Graulich
Funding – €23 million

ELEMENT Insurance AG is a white-label product factory for insurance. It aims to make insurance completely digital. The startup provides other companies across industries with white-labelled products that can be marketed under their own brands. The digital approach lets it quickly develop insurance policies for specific target groups in just a few weeks.

Deposit Solutions (Hamburg)

Founders – Tim Sievers
Funding – €131 million3

Deposit Solutions is a provider of Open Banking platform for deposits that brings banks and depositors across Europe together. Founded in 2011, this company aims to establish open banking as the new standard for the deposits industry. Open Banking platform lets banks offer enticing third-party deposit products for their customers via their existing accounts.

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