This brainchild of Dutch robot expert Huub Heijnen secures €7M funding to let machines visually interpret their surroundings

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As the world is approaching augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence as well as autonomous vehicles, it has become the demand of time to have a precise visual positioning technology. The London-based startup Scape Technologies specialises in cutting edge technology for advanced visual positioning service.

The UK startup secured €7 million in seed funding from LocalGlobe, Mosaic Ventures, Entrepreneur First and Fly Ventures last year. Scape Technologies was founded in 2016 by Huub Heijnen and Edward Miller. Huub, a robotics expert, independently developed the world’s first platform for fully autonomous evolution on hardware robots. Whereas, Edward has his background in XR and worked with companies like BBC, Jaguar, UEFA, NBCUniversal and ESPN.

Edward Miller, Co-founder and CEO of Scape Technologies stated, “There is a huge amount of hype in the AR space right now, which is why we’ve been working for the last two years in stealth, taking our time to make sure our technology is accurate, robust and scalable. We set out on a mission to build a new type of infrastructure, to allow computers to safely interpret and navigate the world, using only a camera. To make this possible, we’ve built what we refer to as our ‘Vision Engine,’ which lies at the heart of everything we do at Scape.”

Vision Engine – an integration of digital and physical world

Post the funding; Scape Technologies is endorsing its innovative technology – Vision Engine that enables camera-laden devices to comprehend their surrounding using computer vision. It is a world-scale mapping pipeline that crafts machine-readable HD maps of surroundings processing images and videos, maintaining a between physical and digital world.

Cloud-driven shared environment

Vision Engine builds and orients 3D maps in the cloud, enabling devices to have a shared understanding of their environments. By means of Scape’s Visual Positioning Service API, any camera-laden device can determine its location using these HD maps without depending on expensive sensors.

Centimetre-level accuracy and city-level scalability

The Visual Positioning Service facilitates the detection of device’s location with centimetre-level precision within three seconds. The secure and GDPR compliant Vision Engine is designed to be scalable horizontally to numerous servers connecting an entire city.

Scape Technologies is offering its innovative Visual Positioning Service for applications such as large-scale augmented reality, smart mobility (eliminating the need for LiDAR) and logistics. With a team over 30 members, the startup plans to operate its service in London in 2019 on a pilot stage, but will expand in other cities in Europe in the coming years.

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