UtrechtInc selects 7 new innovative Dutch startups for next-gen Pressure Cooker program

UtrechtInc selects 7 new innovative Dutch startups for next-gen Pressure Cooker program

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Across different segments, the Netherlands is one of the most innovative and attractive destinations for the entrepreneurs. There are numerous startups and scaleups in the windmill country and there is a need for them to grow and flourish. This is the main reason why, the startup incubators play a vital role as they provide the entrepreneurs with the right assistance to launch their products, meet people and work in an inspiring environment.

UtrechtInc incubator supports ambitious entrepreneurs in setting up their business successfully. It focuses on innovative and scalable tech startups. The Utrecht Science Park offers over 25 startup offices and a co-working space too. It is a four-month program, which helps entrepreneurs work towards achieving a scalable business model within a short time and lets scientists give a try at entrepreneurship or find a co-founder to enter the market.

Now, the startup incubator has welcomed seven new startups for its next-generation Pressure Cooker startup program. The Demo Day is set for January 10, 2019 and the startups will present their progress on this day. Based on the progress, they will be evaluated and get access to financing and follow-up program.

In the previous years, UtrechtInc has offered its support to several startups. Some of the successful ones are Gitlab, The Hyve, StuComm, SnappCar and ViriCiti.

Among the participants are Learned.io and moveshelf. Rick Kuijff, co-founder of learned.io said, “Through UtrechtInc’s network we have quickly gotten in touch with companies where we could test our platform for personal development. These companies eventually turned out become our first customers.” Ignazio Aleo from Moveshelf said, “Mentors and interaction with other entrepreneurs have been eye-opening in the first two weeks! We just launched our beta on moveshelf.com and the Pressure Cooker is helping us sharpen our proposition and validate our learnings. We are one step closer to make motion intelligence available to everyone!”

Managing Director Jorg Kop added, “With our programs at UtrechtInc we guide entrepreneurs as quickly as possible towards a scale fast or fail moment and these 7 startups show how eager they are to learn and already progress towards becoming a successful company.”

Today, we at Silicon Canals are here to tell you about the 7 innovative Dutch startups that you need to watch out for in 2019.

#1 FoodApp

Founded by Joren Bozon and Maurits Dijkgraaf, FoodApp based in Amsterdam is your personal advisor. It helps you find out what to eat based on your health condition and diet or personal taste. It helps you choose the right recipes customized for you, indicate your personal preferences and generate your shopping list suiting your nutritional requirements. This startup is in the beta phase right now.

#2 HoloMoves

Founded by Joep Janssen & Tom Mensink Movement, HoloMoves is essential to prevent complication and to minimise the time spent in the hospital beds. This startup uses Hololens based on Augmented Reality to project 3D visualizations around the patients in order to help them get out of the bed.

#3 HoofdMaatje

Founded by Freek Noz and Elly van der Grift, Hoofdmaatje is a one-of-a-kind startup. It is the world’s first prevention tool for 12% of babies suffering from the preferred posture or flat head syndrome. Parents can diagnose the same from an app, monitor their baby and provide treatment for the same. All this is made possible by linking complex analyzing software and expert advice together.

#4 Learned

Learned was founded by Rick Kuijf and Joost Kuijf in 2018. It is a platform for the small and medium-sized companies with young professionals to create a future-proof organization that pursues their employees to keep themselves updated and continuously focus on their personal development. This platform is for users to build their lifelong development profile.

#5 Moveshelf

Moveshelf founded in 2017 by Ignazio Aleo and Per Slycke in Amsterdam is a cloud-based 3D digital motion visualization service and collaboration tool. The human motion will be digitized on a massive scale and disrupt rivals in the industry. The startup provides the platform to organize, view, share, analyse and serve 3D digital human motion data.

#6 NanoCET

Founded by Aquiles Carattino and Sanli Faez, this platform measures the charge, size and concentration of nanometer-sized particles in suspension. The nanoCET platform can be used by researchers to gather insights into chemical reactions, environmental monitoring and biological processes.

#7 Sentriq

Bram Bloks and Sahand Hosseininejad founded Sentriq. It is a platform that intends to enhance the performance, compliance and safety in the process industry with the implementation of artificial intelligence.

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