With half a million euro funding, this Dutch startup will offer users book electric cars

With half a million euro funding, this Dutch startup will offer users book electric cars

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In a recent development, Sneleentaxi got crowdfunded raising €460k via the Symbid crowdfunding platform. The company claims that the taxi booking platform will use this growth injection to launch a new app by mid-2019. Also, it will be used for the development of software for the future. With the upcoming app, the passengers in the Netherlands can book an affordable taxi at the touch of a button.

Founded in 2015 in Utrecht in the Netherlands by Sven Braam, Jorrit van Wijk and Bram de Bruin, the Dutch online booking platform has an expansive national network with over 300 carriers and 5000 cars. And, passengers can book a taxi anywhere in the country at any time they want to avail the service.

Given it got crowdfunded recently, here are all the facts that you need to know about Sneleentaxi. Do give it a read.

Reduces cost by 70%

Operating since 3 years, Sneleentaxi has become a leading player on the in the Dutch taxi market. It has been possible for the company matches carriers and passengers using smart technology. This lets the company plan smarter and lower the cost for the passengers. Basically, the company has managed to reduce the cost of taxi services by nearly 70%.

Benefits of fast taxi

As mentioned above, the Dutch booking platform plans to launch an app that will let passengers book a taxi in a single click. This may sound similar to Uber but there are differences. The key benefits of Sneleentaxi include booking and paying for the ride online, transparency with all the bookings, connectivity all through the Netherlands, up to 70% cheaper service, varied choices and an enthusiastic and supportive team.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Sneleentaxi eliminates the issue that is faced due to empty kilometres to a great extent. Usually, two our of three taxis ply on the road without passengers. This is reduced by Sneleentaxi as the smart technology deployed by the Dutch booking platform matches the empty carriers and passengers in need of transportation. In addition to reducing the cost spent on empty kilometres, the startup also contributes to reducing the CO2 emissions.

Auctioned rides

The rides can be auctioned in real time letting passengers connect to carriers suiting their schedule. The company lets customers book a ride up to 6 hours in advance. When the drivers receive a push notification, they can bid on a ride that fits in their schedule.

Electric taxis coming soon

The founder Bram revealed an interesting information. He added that in January 2019, they will provide electric taxis for the passengers to book. In addition to the empty kilometres, this move also makes the company take a step ahead towards its environment-friendly intention.

Regarding the crowdfunding, Bram de Bruin stated, “We also offer an interesting solution for business. Customers have full control over their booking, they can book, cancel or change the taxi rides online; all information is collected on your own online account.”

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