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It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the Netherlands is becoming a hotbed for innovative tech startups. As the number of startups are growing, Monuta Ontzorgt, Fundis and Bureau Fifty have jointly initiated a startup incubator called Grey Valley Incubator in Zoetermeer.

These three parties have invested around 1,000m2 in the startup incubator based in the Netherlands. It is aimed to be an inspiring workplace and meeting point for the young startups.

The startup incubator in the tulip land aims to help entrepreneurs developing products and services for the elderly. The association will assist them to launch their products successfully and quickly. Basically, it is meant for the startups involved in providing solutions to the real-life problems faced by the elderly.

It’s a combined effort

Grey Valley lets the startups use the initiators’ knowledge and experience. For instance, the startups can access the results and insights of surveys those were conducted by National 50Plus Panel of Bureau Fifty to reach their target audience. Testing the products immediately in a living lab is possible by one of the Fundis companies focusing on chronically ill people and vulnerable elderly. Monuta Ontzorgt’s network helps startups quickly launch a product or service for their target group.

Knowledge sharing and collaboration

Grey Valley brings the young entrepreneurs together at the Dutch Tech Campus located in Zoetermeer. Many companies are located in fields such as smart technology, logistics and ICT. It is the central location, facilities and good accessibility at the campus that has favored it for the setting up of Grey Valley.

Immense opportunities

In 2019, it is estimated that half the Dutch adult population will be 50 years or older. This offers numerous opportunities for the entrepreneurs focusing on the elderly products and solutions. The products and services are aimed at letting them overcome issues such as loneliness, care and independent living and respond to the societal challenges. With a wide range of opportunities available, Grey Valley wants to offer them all the facilities needed to inspire the startups.

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Role of a startup incubator

A startup incubator is a program designed to help the new startups progress towards success by resolving some common problems that the entrepreneurs face. This is done by providing them with seed funding, workspace, training and mentoring. Primarily, the purpose of an incubator is to help the entrepreneurs and startups grow the business.

Usually, startup incubators are non-profit organizations run by public and private entities. Often, these services are associated with universities and business schools. In this case, it is the Dutch Tech Campus. What’s interesting is that the tech incubators aren’t usually restricted to a single industry.

Some common services that the business incubators offer include help with the basics of the business, networking opportunities, marketing guidance, access to funds and loans, connection to strategic partners, advisory boards, help with business etiquette and more.

Grey Valley Incubator will help Dutch startups working on products for the elderly population in the country. So, the startups in the Netherlands can make use of the program to ensure that their products are launched quickly to benefit their target group.

This way, their products can get a wider reach with the assistance provided by the incubator. Given that the entrepreneurs may not have all the idea behind running a startup as intended, startup incubators such as Grey Valley are always a great help for them to realize their aspiration.

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