Cisco to acquire French IoT scaleup Sentryo: Here’s all you need to know about the merger

Cisco to acquire French IoT scaleup Sentryo: Here’s all you need to know about the merger

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The field of IoT (Internet of Things) has a tremendous potential that helps companies increase their productivity and access deep intelligence in order to create new revenue channels.

Now tech major, Cisco is all set to help all those companies which struggle to deploy IoT by acquiring a French cybersecurity scaleup Sentryo. Last year, the French industrial internet cybersecurity specialist also raised €10 million in Series A fundraising.

EIT Digital Challenge alumnus!

Founded in 2014 by Laurent Hausermann and Thierry Rouquet, the cybersecurity startup is an alumnus of Europe’s leading accelerator EIT Digital and one of the three winners of EIT Digital Challenge 2014.

Why Sentryo?

Sentryo’s industrial IoT/OT technology solution assists companies in the transportation, energy, oil and gas and manufacturing sectors and ensures the resilience of their industrial networks. Also, the company protects them from cybersecurity attacks.

Cisco touts that Sentryo’s platform resolves the challenges faced by businesses in deploying IoT projects. By merging this platform with its intent-based networking architecture, Cisco can help customers manage more devices and users and also enjoy the benefits of IoT.

Cisco eyes new business opportunities

Cisco believes that connectivity is the foundation of IoT projects and is bullish to improve operational efficiency and uncover new opportunities by unleashing the power of the network. With the acquisition of Sentryo, it can offer control system engineers a deeper visibility into assets and detect anomalies in order to secure their networks.

Incorporation of Sentryo’s Edge Sensor

Both Sentryo and Cisco recognisze the unique challenges that industrial customers face and have worked together in the past. Cisco had incorporated Sentryo’s Edge Sensor and the industrial networking hardware with its IOx application framework. A few months back, it launched the industry’s first integrated network architecture focusing on the IoT Edge.

Deal to be closed in October!

The acquisition of Sentryo is expected to be finalised in October 2019. The pending customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals will be over by then.

Started in 2014, Sentryo develops and provides cybersecurity and situation awareness solutions to industrial networks and the Internet of Things. Its solutions enable industrial engineers to prevent and detect cyber attacks.

Furthermore, Sentryo’s ICS CyberVision award-winning platform gives control engineers comprehensive visibility on their industrial control systems, detects anomalies and accelerates response to cybersecurity incidents keeping them ahead of cyber threats.

Sentryo’s ICS CyberVision is used every day by large corporations in the energy, manufacturing and transportation markets. It also has a worldwide presence including offices and partners in Europe, North and South America, Middle-East and Asia.

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