Fairphone 3, the most advanced module phone made using conflict-free materials is now official

Fairphone 3, the most advanced module phone made using conflict-free materials is now official

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The third-generation modular smartphone – Fairphone 3 has just been launched by the Dutch social enterprise. It is a new and improved modular phone that builds on the company’s achievements in the past. It is a sleek yet durable device, which merges both sustainability and performance.

In the current scenario, the smartphone industry is one of the major contributors to the world’s most serious environmental and human rights issues. The industry is criticized for generating electronic waste, massive CO2 emissions, devastating sourcing practices, and harsh working conditions. Fairphone founded in 2013 by Bas van Abel is a pioneer trying to resolve these issues with scalable models.in

Fairphone operates with the objective to develop and produce more sustainable phones. The company has brought in transparency in the supply chain and has learned valuable lessons about systemic challenges and limitations in the sector.

Fairphone 3: The most advanced modular phone

The newly launched Fairphone 3 merges the company’s ambitions to create a fairer electronics industry with insights gained from the two previous offerings. Eventually, it is the most advanced modular phone launched to date. Fairphone has developed and refined the modular architecture to make the device more durable and more reliable. Also, it does this despite being slimmer and sleeker than its predecessors.

Fairphone 3 comprises seven modules designed to support easy repairs and the company’s goals for long-lasting and sustainable phones. It saves 30% of CO2 emissions or more. The Qualcomm 632 processor used by this smartphone is of power efficient. The device has a 12MP Dual Pixel rear camera and an 8MP front-facing camera with advanced software optimisation for an outstanding camera experience even in low-light conditions.

The third-generation modular phone comes with 64GB storage capacity that can be expanded up to 256GB with a microSD card. It comes with robust Gorilla Glass 5 protection as well. The modular architecture of Fairphone 3 is undoubtedly designed to last. Moreover, the phone comes with reusable and sustainable packaging and has a protective bumper for added protection against everyday wear and tear.

Fairphone collaborates with Arima!

Fairphone is collaborating with its final assembly partner Arima to improve employee satisfaction by improving the health and safety of its workforce, improve worker representation, and paying a bonus to them to bridge the gap among them.

Uses conflict-free materials

Fairphone carries the credits of being the first electronic manufacturer to integrate Fairtrade gold into the supply chain. The company is setting up an initiative to make cobalt sourcing better. The Fairphone 3 from the company is made of responsibly sourced and conflict-free tungsten, tin, recycled copper and plastics. To combat e-waste, Fairphone supports collection programs in markets such as Ghana and rewards buyers for using its recycling program to return their used phones.

Fairphone 3 release date!

Fairphone 3 goes on presale starting from today via the official website and strategic online partners for €450. The modular phone will be released on September 3 and will be up for grabs across Europe.

Fairphone CEO Eva Gouwens sums up the company’s goals for the Fairphone 3 said, “We envision an economy where consideration for people and the planet is a natural part of doing business and according to this vision, we have created scalable ways to improve our supply chain and product. We developed the Fairphone 3 to be a real sustainable alternative on the market, which is a big step towards lasting change. By establishing a market for ethical products, we want to motivate the entire industry to act more responsibly since we cannot achieve this change alone.”

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