These useful tips will get you a job in fintech startups

These useful tips will get you a job in fintech startups

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Fintech is an exciting industry wherein many entrepreneurs are coming up with new ideas. Many startups in this sector deploy finance and technology together to create new types of financial services including new-age banks, money management tools and peer-to-peer lending services. These tools are disrupting traditional financial services.

With growing popularity, fintech is definitely a great industry to start your career. If you have just earned your degree and looking out for a job, you can try this industry. Sasha Orloff, CEO and co-founder of LendUp, an American fintech company, has provided useful tips that will help you find a career in this industry. He notes that these are not universal, though.

Passion is the key

First, you need to know if you are passionate about working in this industry. When you join a mission-driven company, you need to show your passion for it. You can do it by getting experience at a non-profit organisation or even via a blog.

Understand technology

It is essential to learn how to code. You can either take a General Assembly class or a code boot camp or build something on your own. Working at a tech startup requires an understanding of how databases and software work. It is important to acquire this skill even if you do not have to put it to use.

Relentless execution

Mere talking about strategy and brand are not important as these mean that you just brag about delivering results. You should be capable of knowing about the execute sternly. Just because you possess an MBA, it doesn’t mean that you will be successful in running a startup.

Being honest

When you work at a startup, you will be a part of a team and not alone. Remember that you will not be able to accomplish anything by yourself. You need to learn to develop the valuable skill of being a team player. And, when you work with a team, you need to be honest. If you were involved in something, you should be transparent about it and should not conceal it.

By working on these tips, you will be able to land in a fintech startup and build your career.

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