Gmail turns 15! Here are 5 reasons why Google’s popular mail service is every startup’s best friend

Gmail turns 15! Here are 5 reasons why Google’s popular mail service  is every startup’s best friend

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It has been 15 years since Google‘s email service hit the web in 2004. The search engine giant introduced what has today become the game-changing service, most commonly used to send and receive emails. In fact, the birth of the service was inspired by one user’s feedback who was tired of trying to locate her messages buried deep in her inbox.

Back then, Gmail pioneered a new and secure approach to email with 1GB of free storage and lightning-fast Google search built right in. Having said that, Gmail totally eclipsed the other service provider including AOL, Hotmail, Microsoft and Yahoo. Eventually, it became one of the company’s most revolutionary achievements as well.

Gmail continues to help people manage their work and personal lives through some useful features like priority inbox, smart labels and spam filtering to Smart Reply, Smart Compose and much more. As the company is celebrating 15 years of innovation in Gmail, Google has announced a couple of features that aim to bring greater efficiency and assistance.

First one is ‘Smart Compose’, helps user draft new emails from scratch, faster. Notably, this feature saves people from typing over 1 billion characters each week on the web. In Android, it is available in four languages — Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. The second feature is all about scheduling the email for future.

Additionally, the company made some changes to make email more dynamic, interactive and actionable as well. On this occasion, we have jotted down the list of reason on why Gmail is every startup’s friend.

#1 Safe and Secure!

When it comes to exchanging information, the first and foremost factor one should consider is security. In this case, Gmail is always a secure option. Since it uses an always-on HTTPS connection, no one can spy on your email while using through Wi-Fi. Moreover, the emails are encrypted while they’re held on Google’s servers.

#2 Best business package available

GSuite is Google’s paid dedicated business package with extra features for communicating and sharing within a team and greater control over your outgoing email. Moreover, GSuite offers two simple but basic tools that provide instant justification for paying a bit extra. One is the ability to switch the Google Logo for your brand’s logo in your email browser.

It also allows the user to use their own domain name for email interactions rather than the generic ‘’. Another great business tool with GSuite is the ability to integrate Google’s Skype-like video application, Google Hangouts, with your account.

#3 Organises email automatically

Another important feature is that Gmail organises and automatically groups emails into conversations. This email service threads relevant messages together so that users are not bombarded with unread emails from colleagues. Moreover, Gmail helps the user easily find any email through search power.

#4 More personalisation!

Gmail allows you to filter and label email conversation. To be specific, Gmail’s labels are like tags where you can add to incoming messages. The labels make emails more searchable and the filters automatically categorise your mail as it comes.

#5 Spam finder

Gmail has this much-needed feature where it blocks spam before it gets to your inbox. These spam messages can slow down productivity and increase the chances of sharing a virus or unwanted messages.

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