Here’s why Legrand acquired French smart home startup Netatmo

Here’s why Legrand acquired French smart home startup Netatmo

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In a recent development, Netatmo was acquired by Legrand, a French digital building infrastructure. But both the companies have remained tight-lipped regarding the terms of the deal.

Netatmo, a French smart home startup offers IoT solutions for its users. With its products and services, it lets you manage everything such as air quality, noise, temperature, security and humidity.

Netatmo was founded back in 2011 and the startup aims to help make smart homes a reality with this acquisition by Legrand. Post this acquisition, the founder and CEO of Netatmo, Fred Potter becomes the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at Legrand’s R&D division. For the uninitiated, Legrand is a shareholder of Netatmo since 2015.

Successful launches in the past

Prior to this acquisition, Legrand and Netatmo had collaborated for the development of some products. The smart home startup announced that it will work with industrial companies in order to realise a fully connected home. And, it started off with Legrand and Velux. Notably, the two companies worked together and launched Céliane with Netatmo, Living Now with Netatmo and dooxie with Netatmo. Some of these smart home management solutions can be controlled by voice.

Why Netatmo?

Well, Legrand had chosen the French startup for a reason. The combined expertise of both the companies in IoT will definitely help them speed up the development of connected and smart products. Moreover, with this acquisition, the world’s biggest manufacturer of switches and sockets, can strengthen its foothold in the smart home sector too. And, this will bring in the talent of Netatmo’s team with expertise in Artificial Intelligence and integration of software into products to Legrand. s

More connected products for users

Given that the skillful team of Netatmo will be integrated into that of Legrand, the latter will be able to launch more such connected and smart home products in the future. The company assures to develop new products and updates its portfolio so that its users benefit from the best smart home experience ever.

Netatmo’s portfolio is extensive

The very first product from the startup was a weather station, which works over Wi-Fi. And, it carries the credits of being one of the first such weather stations that could be checked from your phone. Recently, the company launched security products including a connected camera to identify faces on the device, a similar connected camera for outdoors and a connected smoke alarm. It also released radiator valves and smart thermostats. On the whole, it has 1.3 million active products and generates an annual sales of €45 million.

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