DataStories secures €2.2M in Series A round led by Dutch-based Newion Investments

DataStories secures €2.2M in Series A round led by Dutch-based Newion Investments

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In general, fundraising remains the complex part of the business cycle, but believe it or not, it is the key to success for a new startup. When done perfectly, it can bring you some high-profile partnerships with VC’s and angel investors.

Secured €2.2M

DataStories, a company based out of Belgium, is an advanced analytics partner for industrial businesses with complex R&D. The startup has raised €2.2M in Series A round led by Dutch-based Newion Investments. The company will be using this fund to further enhance its analytical and data interpretation platforms and expands marketing & sales as well.

For the uninitiated, the Newion Investments focuses on business-to-business software companies and is well known for its investments in the data sector including Collibra, Mirror42 (acquired by ServiceNow), and iWelcome.

All you need to know about DataStories

Founded by Guido Smits and CEO Katya Vladislavleva (image above) on May 2011, DataStories is on a mission to help people understand what matters in their data. This platform actually helps the companies containing huge data to focus on what actually important.

Having said that, DataStories is the next big thing that aims at disrupting the way innovations are driven in companies. With humongous data available at disposal these days, even the savviest companies use the bare minimum of it to generate insights that would better the processes.

Predictive Analytics

Even though Predictive Analytics is a powerful trick in delivering these values, it can work wonders only when the solution is devised end-to-end by expert analysts. This niche is where exactly DataStories operates by providing state of the art Predictive analytics solutions designed by hand-picked Data scientists.

Luc De Vos, Chairman of the Board, is very proud of the accomplishments of the team so far, he says: “I have rarely seen a team coming from such diverse backgrounds and nationalities so poised for success by its ability to timely deliver results under the visionary leadership of the founders.”

“DataStories is a preferred a partner of a number of top-notch European or global enterprises like Atlas Copco, Dow, Recticel, Averis,” says Katya Vladislavleva. “These clients validated our vision and enable DataStories to grow from Thought Leader to Product Leader.”

“Newion Investments is impressed by the DataStories Platform and its strong leadership team. Based on customer reviews and market studies we strongly believe in the market leadership,“ says Frank Claassen who is joining the board of directors on behalf of Newion Investments.

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